65 Movie Review

65 Movie Review: Mills (Adam Driver) is a space driver who embarks on a two-year job to transport people in cryostasis to another planet. However, after encountering an asteroid storm, his spaceship crashed on Earth in 65 million AD, when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Stranded with a survivor named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), Mills must navigate this prehistoric world and find a way to survive.

Star CastAdam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman, and Nika King
DirectorScott Beck and Bryan Woods
LanguageEnglish (with subtitles)
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Runtime94 Minutes

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The idea behind “65” is intriguing, offering endless possibilities for exploring complex themes such as space and time, the challenges of starting anew on an unfamiliar planet, and the emotional bond between two survivors. However, the film fails to capitalize on these potential storylines, opting for a predictable tale of survival against attacking dinosaurs and other creatures.

65 Movie Review
65 Movie Review

65 Movie Review

Despite Adam Driver‘s convincing portrayal of Mills, the screenplay feels underdeveloped and rushed, leaving little room for character development or catharsis. Ariana Greenblatt’s natural performance is admirable, but her character is given few opportunities to shine.

The film’s use of dinosaurs falls short of the standard set by Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park series. The creatures often appear fake and more suited for a fantasy show. The film’s attempts to create suspense through the revelation of a giant monster are ineffective due to poor execution.

Furthermore, the film’s science fiction elements suffer from inconsistencies, such as the inclusion of sound in space. The music is average and, at times, excessive.

In conclusion, while “65” has the potential to be a strong franchise, it falls short in execution. The film rushes through a predictable storyline, fails to develop its characters thoroughly, and disappoints in depicting dinosaurs and science fiction elements. Adam Driver’s performance is noteworthy, but he and the audience deserve better.

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