Geeta Sakshigaa Movie Review

Geeta Sakshigaa Movie Review: The small film Geeta Sakshigaa, featuring Aadarsh and Chitra Sukla in lead roles, was released on the auspicious day of Ugadi. The film tells the story of Arjun, a DJ in Hyderabad who falls in love with Amoolya. However, his life turns upside down when he is arrested for allegedly raping and killing an innocent girl. Five years later, ACP Roopesh reopens the case to uncover the truth behind the crime.

Geeta Sakshigaa Movie Review
Geeta Sakshigaa Movie Review

Geeta Sakshigaa Movie Review

  • Release date: March 22, 2023
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Starring: Aadarsh, Chitra Shukla, Roopesh Shetty, Srikanth lyengar, Bharani Shankar, Anitha Chowdary, Sudarshan, Raja Ravindra and others.
  • Director: Anthony Mattipalli
  • Producers: Chetan Raj
  • Music Director: Gopi Sundar
  • Cinematography: Venkatahanuma Nariseti
  • Editor: Kishore Maddali

Aadarsh delivers an impressive performance, showcasing exceptional dancing and fighting skills, in his debut film. Chitra Sukla also has a standout performance in a meaty role, particularly in the courtroom scenes. Srikanth Iyengar provides impactful dialogue and body language as Lawyer Joseph. The supporting cast, including Roopesh Shetty, Bharani Shankar, Anitha Chowdhary, and Sudarshan, also do justice to their respective roles.

The film‘s routine plot, reminiscent of many old movies written by producer Chetan Raj, is a downside. Director Anthony Mattipalli fails to elevate the narration with an engaging screenplay, missing an opportunity to turn a mediocre story into an edge-of-the-seat thriller. The courtroom scenes lack notable actors and better writing, which could have made them more compelling. The sluggish love track could have been replaced with some comedy scenes to enhance the film’s overall entertainment value.

The technical aspects of the film are satisfactory. Director Anthony Mattipalli delivers well but could have done better with a more engaging screenplay. The cinematography by Venkatahanuma Nariseti is fine, and Gopi Sundar’s background score elevates the scenes. Editor Kishore Maddali could have cut a few unnecessary scenes in the first half to avoid boredom.

Overall, Geeta Sakshigaa is an okay film with a mediocre plot and dull narration. Aadarsh and Chitra Sukla’s performances stand out, but some scenes in the first half are boring. The film is worth watching if you are a fan of the lead actors or looking for a time-pass movie.

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