Abhinav-Rubina & Kavita-Ronnit CLASH in Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 14 is now going on a track where every episode is full to the brim with entertainment. The show is at a point where no one can afford not being seen for a long time otherwise the audience will kick them out. With the entry of challengers, the game has become more interesting and competitive too.

While the war between challengers and existing contestants is going on in their own way, there is one more fight which will turn wild today. In yesterday’s episode we saw that VIkas told Abhinav about the accusations which were made on him by Kavita Kaushik’s husband ROnnit. In today’s weekend ka vaar we will see the clash between Rubina Dilaik & Abhinav Shukla versus Kavita Kaushik & Ronnit Biswas.

Kavita and Ron will not only talk about the latter’s tweet on Shukla being an alcoholic among other things but also have a full blown clash with Dilaik and Shukla. Their words will be brutal and so ugly that even Salman will get miffed with it. Watch the promo:


We wonder if this saga has a stop anytime soon. Do catch what happens in the episode tonight.

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