Santoshi Maa 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update – Bubli fools Swati about her husband being Devesh.

Santoshi Maa 14th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati performing prayers of Mata Santoshi & Anju also joins her asking that are you ok of yesterday’s incidence but she confusingly asks her what happened yesterday & Anju diverts & expresses her happiness towards Swati.
Bubli tells Swati that yesterday I didn’t tell you the truth & she asks what so Bubli tells her that the person we met yesterday in market was your husband named Devesh & Swati gets delighted asking her the address & Bubli gives her the address of Banaras & tells her to pack your bags while Swati asks her what if you must be fooling like Lovely & Pinky but Bubli convinces her giving example of Santoshi Didi while Swati also asks her that Santoshi Didi had told me to believe in Indresh & Bubli tricks her about Indresh who would also love to send her over there & Swati believes her.
Swati gets ready while Bubli send-offs her smartly. Swati feeling emotional leaving the house which has made her attached.
Dev Rishi tells Mata that how come this woman has done this going against the truth or is it Devi Polomi said right as evil powers on Swati won’t go so easily & Mata explains him that the woman Bubli is not actual devotee but duplicate hence it’s obvious that she will go against truth but it’s Swati’s acceptance in this which we should have no interference.
Swati catches car towards Banaras while Bubli prays Mata for forgiveness & also keeps a note near Indresh of herself leaving the house.
Indresh’s mother wakes Indresh & asks him that how you got bhang yesterday & he asks shockingly about bhang. He also finds the note & comes out asking where is Bubli while Singhasan asks him aren’t you still not come out from your senses of yesterday’s bhang but he tells him Bubli has left the house while his mother feels happy & Bubli comes in disguise of Swati asking to show the note & she reads out addressing to Indresh for Swati’s well-being to make her meet her husband soon, describing in the note.
Swati is searching the place of Devesh in Banaras but all are cursing her & she is confused. Swati roaming in Banaras reaches at right address asking for Devesh while his mother sees her & throws dust on her cursing her while Devesh comes out.

Precap: Devesh’s mother is cursing Swati in front of everybody in the family while Devi Polomi comes telling her that whatever you wish to do with her go inside & do. Devi Polomi remembers about Devi Santoshi had warned her that Devi Ushma’s soul is within me itself so not to challenge while Devi Polomi thinks saying that now see how your devotee suffers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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