Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 80

Hai friends I’m back again. Thank you so much for every support and love given. Please keep loving and supporting me and this ff. Let’s go to the episode

Episode starts

Mishti and Virat reach Sonia’s home. Sonia is sitting in her bed with her back against the wall

Mishti sees her body which has transformed a lot due to medicines and runs to her

They hug each other and cry for a long time. Their sobs subside when Sonia’s mom brings them hot chocolate

Mom: Good to see you here Mishti were with her during initial days of life and now I’m happy you are in her last days too

Mishti: Aunty..she will be completely alright

Mom: Beta I fought with the truth for sometime and then ran away for years but now I have accepted it

She goes out.
Sonia: I’m sorry for all that I did Mishti

Mishti: Sonia..I’m sorry for staying angry for so long

Just then her phone rings it’s Abir.Mishti attends the call and starts to weep

Abir: Mishti..where are you and what happened

Mishti tells him. Abir is shocked.

Abir: I’m on my way. The scene freezes

Komolika meets her mom

Komo: Maa…….I’m so sorry I …I was taken in a wrong way..but that Mr.Bajaj killed papa..I’m sorry for leaving you alone

Just then Anurag and Prerna come there with Sid. They are shocked to see Komolika

Komo: Anurag..Prerna..I’m sorry for what happened…I’m  changed now..

Komolika cries and Prerna consoles her

Prerna: You have realised your mistake that’s more important my dear

Komo: Maya Bajaj tried to instigate me against you both

Anurag: Maya❓
Voice: What..Maya is back❓
All look out as a guy enters

Anurag : Arjun bhai

Arjun and Anurag hug

Anurag: How did you come here

Arjun: I called uncle he told that you will be here so I came

Anurag: Prerna..he is Arjun my school senior and a great friend

Prerna: Hello

Arjun: Hello bhabhiji

Arjun gets Sid and plays with him

Komo: You know her

Arjun: Know whom

Komo: Maya

Arjun: Why wont I know my enemy

Anruag: What are you saying Arjun

Arjun: Before that Mrs….

Komolika: Komolika

Arjun: Arrey  not you.I know you ..Anruag you introduced me to bhabhi but didn’t introduce her and your son to me

Anurag: Arrey she is Prerna..and

Arjun: Whats the name of Jr.Anurag

Anurag: Siddarth

Komolika is shocked

Arjun: Nice choice after a martyr who sacrificed his love for you

Anruag: Now answer is Maya your enemy

Arjun: It’s a boring old story re..I’m back to Udaipur after years..I don’t want dirty things ..let’s celebrate na

Anurag: Aunty..(he gives the cheque) if you need anything else please don’t hesitate to call

Anurag and others leave, Komolika is totally shocked.

Scene shifts to Goa. The stranger: Sir…Kartik..has gone to shop it seems Naira is alone at home

The person who is following Naira rushes to their house..He knocks the door

Naira opens it

Naira: Arrey are here

Mihir: Even I have joined PG here Naira

Naira: Wow

Mihir tries to go closer to Naira just then Kartik enters with huge bags

Naira rushes to help him. Mihir gets irritated

Mihir in mind: This Kartik finally left for PG I thought I’ll woo Naira..but.she too came here and he married her too….but I’m not gonna has no barriers

Kartik: Arrey are in Goa too

Mihir smiles

Kartik: Nice..

Mihir: I’m leaving..I actually heard that you have come here so..I came bye Naira

Naira is busy in kitchen

Kartik: Bye

Mihir leaves and in mind: When I said specifically to her why is he replying

Kartik closes the door and goes to Naira and hugs her from behind

Kartik: I guess no more villain will come today..

They have a romantic time

Bichdi saanson ki hain
Yaadein teri bandh aankhon mein hai
Tujhse juda mann
Teri yaadon ki dhadkan jagaye mujhe
Aisi khamoshiyon mein
Dil ke naghme sunaaun kisey

O more saiyan
Raina na beete bane
O more saiyan
Naina na roothe mane

Tere hi saaye mein
Khwabon ki baahon mein
Apni kahaani likhun
Hanste huve pal mein
Rote huve pal mein teri zubaani bahun
Aisa naata kya rishta kehlata
Bas teri banke rahun

O more saiyan
Raina na beete bane
O more saiyan
Naina na roothe mane Plays in the background

Scene shifts to Viren’s office. Jeevika comes there

Jeevika: Virenji you are worse than Sara

Viren: Why what happened

Jeevika: She herself packs her bag and doesn’t forget anything

Viren gets up and goes to her
Jeevika:  But being a lawyer you forget all important things at home and make me bring them

Viren holds her closer by her waist

Viren: That’s an excuse dear..

Jeevika: What

Viren: If not we don’t get romantic time nowadays

Jeevika: it was all an act

Jeevika makes an angry face. Viren apologises to her. They spend some good time



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