Santoshi Maa 15th December 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati’s Griha Pravesh happens in Devesh’s house.

Santoshi Maa 15th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati who’s thought as Bubli by Devesh’s mother is cursing & abusing her badly insulting her in front of all their family members including Devesh outside their house but Swati is trying to defend herself then too she is insulted continuously of getting blame of theft of all their jewellery. Devi Polomi comes in disguise of their neighbour telling her that now as she has come then do whatever with her but inside your house while Devesh’s mother is surprised asking her who are you & she gives her identity of their new neighbour & telling her that to give her warm welcome as she has returned after so long time.
Dev Rishi is complaining Mata Santoshi to see that Devi Polomi must have planned all this but Mata explains him that it doesn’t seem Devi Polomi has used her powers in this because this is tricked by Bubli to fool Swati & as Polomi has been thrown out of Devlok hence she can’t use her powers also.
Devi Polomi is convincing Devesh’s mother to give her welcome in your way to make her enter this house & she plans her welcome taking advise from Devi Polomi.
Bubli asks Indresh who is in Swati’s place that how come your wife has left you leaving without informing & Indresh is trying to divert her thought while Singhasan says she must have gone to her parent’s house & Indresh also says the same thing feeling Swati shouldn’t know the truth.
Devesh’s family arranges bowl of Haldi+Kumkum water to make her legs put in it & enter the house but Devesh’s mother brings a bottle which she breaks into pieces which falls in the water & tells her to enter now stepping on glass pieces while all are shocked & Devi Polomi appreciates Devesh’s mother for using her brains smartly.
Dev Rishi is complaining Mata Santoshi saying that this family seems wilder than Singhasan’s family who is torturing & insulting her this way for which you need to help Swati.
Swati watching Devesh but he turns his back on her & she is praying Mata Santoshi entering the house slowly putting her one leg on glass piece which hurts her badly & Mata also feels the pain while Indresh also gets dashed to a side table by which a glass falls down affecting his legs too mistakenly putting it on glass piece hurting him.
Dev Rishi tells Mata that still there is strong love bonding between Swati & Indresh which shows this sign of he also getting affected due to Swati’s suffering & Mata feeling pained due to Swati in trouble. Dev Rishi tells Mata that your devotee needs your help it seems while Mata leaves & goes to intimate Devi Polomi telling her that inspite being told lot of times to you not to trouble my devotee then too you aren’t stopping but Polomi says that I haven’t done anything in this case nor used any powers but Mata warns her saying that to not to forget that Devi Ushma is within me & Devi Polomi gets scared but tells her remembering about her guru’s advise to her that there are so many human’s who are having evil thoughts within themselves which you can easily attract them against Devi Santoshi’s devotee to harm.
Mata Santoshi warns about Mahadev to Devi Polomi but Devi Polomi curses Gods saying that they have always taken partial decisions against me being as Asoor daughter & Mata tells her that all have taken decision getting the truth proved in front of them for which you cannot blame them instead you have to behave properly & also praising Swati that inspite Swati lost her memory she is a strong woman to face all hurdles in her life & which she will overcome this too.
Swati is moving inside the house while Devi Polomi thinks that she has to face a lot of suffering in this house it seems.
Bubli sees Indresh got hurt & helps him by doing medication for him while he is in confusion thinking still Swati feels for me I guess that’s why she is helping me.

Precap: Devi Polomi shows Mata Santoshi that in Indresh’s house another woman ie. Bubli trying to act like Indresh’s wife. Devesh’s mother telling everybody that daughter in law has arrived so start face opening ceremony. A woman opens her face taking off saree cover but gets shocked & Devi Polomi opens seeing her face being affected & all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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