Ae Mere Dil…Oh My Heart…Shaheer Tejasswi SS Part 2

Ae mere dil…Oh my heart… Part 2

Mishti opened the door.Her face blossomed seeing Jeev there.She was very happy to see Jeev standing there with a bouquet of flowers.

Mishti:Jeev..these flowers…

Jeev:Will you be my friend?

Mishti smiled happily:Yes…always.

Mishti took Jeev inside holding his hand:Come inside.

Palchin smiled:I am glad that you came here Jeev.

Jeev smiled:How can I disappoint your friend who values my friendship so much?

Mishti smiled.

Palchin thought:My friend doesn’t value your friendship.She is taking advantage of you in the name of friendship.I am supporting this only for a good purpose.

Jeev and Misht sat on the sofa.Mishti was talking a lot.Unknowingly Jeev was lost in her.

Palchin served them tea.Thy sipped the tea while chatting.

Jeev-Mishti became very good friends.

Once Mishti took him to a restaurant.

Jeev:I can’t have the normal food which you all eat.I can have only a very less quantity also.

Mishti:Oh…I am sorry.I did’nt think about it.But we will order light food for you.


They ordered light food for Jeev and Mishti ordered her favourite Chinese food.

They started eating together.

Mishti:There is a surprise for you.

Jeev:Really?What surprise?

Mishti called the waiter:Waiter….

The waiter kept a plate on the table.There was a small cake on the plate.

There it was written “Will you be mine” with chocolate cream.

Jeev was shocked.

Jeev:What is this Mishti?

Mishti:Will you marry me?

Jeev:You know that time is very less for me.I am counting days.And a high class girl like you want to marry me.I am sure that no girl will want to marry a half dead person like me.You have an intention behind it.What is that?

Mishti became dull.

She thought:He is so intelligent.He is not dumb like I thought.

Mishti faked a smile:Nothing like that Jeev.You are misunderstanding me.

Jeev:I am not misunderstanding you.I am a psychologist.But due to my illness I stopped working.So don’t try to fool me.I am sure that there is something going on in your mind.I am not a fool to think that a normal girl would dream to marry a person like me whose life has no guarantee. I am sure that there is something going on in your mind.Say what it is.

Mishti started sweating.


Mishti:Ok.Since you judged me correctly I will tell you frankly.

Mishti told him everything.Jeev was shocked.

Jeev:How cunning you are!Just for your financial benefit you faked friendship with me and wants to marry me.

Mishti:So what?Anyone in my place will do that?

Jeev:You did not even spare a dying patient like me.

Mishti:I did not spoil anyone’s life.Anyways you have only a few days left.So why does it matter to you?How will your remaining short life be spoiled because of me?

Jeev did not know what to say.He was irritated.

Mishti:You are all alone.If you marry me and stay in my house you can atleast live your last days lavishly.I can assure you a luxurious life till you die.

Jeev thought:This girl has fixed my death.What kind of a girl is she!

Mishti:Think and tell me.Do you want to spend your remaining life in the boring hospital or you want your last days to be royal?

Jeev got confused.

Mishti:Remember that with this decision both our lives will be like we dream to be.

Jeev thought about it.

Then he said:Ok,I will marry you.

Mishti became very happy.

Mishti:I knew that you will agree to marry me.

Jeev was silent.

Mishti brought Jeev home and introduced him to Anand and Bela.

Mishti:This is Jeev.Uncle,you told me to get married if I want a life I desire for.I am ready to get married.I have chosen a guy too.Jeev.I want to marry him.

Anand and Bela were surprised.

Anand:Let me see if he suits you or not.

Mishti got angry:What the hell!I told you that I want to marry him.Now why are you creating problem?

Anand:I want to make sure that your life is safe.That’s why.Only if I am sure that Jeev is a nice man who is not after your property I can get you married to him.

Bela:I agree with Anandji.

Mishti got very angry:You…

Jeev:Mishti…calm down.Any parent will behave this way.

Mishti:But he is not my parent.

Jeev:But he has full right on you as he nurtured you.So let him decide whether I am suitable for you or not.

Mishti became nervous about Anand’s decision.

Anand had a private conversation with Jeev and they both came out of the room.

Anand:For the first time you took a right decision Mishti.Your choice is the best.Jeev is the best guy for you.

Mishti was very happy.Bela smiled.

Mishti thought:Anand uncle is right.Jeev is the best guy to get married.After marriage through Jeev I can get what I want and get rid of him easily.

Jeev-Mishti got married.

Anand-Bela were very happy.

Anand:I feel very happy to see Mishti very happy with Jeev.Mishti was someone who did’nt want to get married.But now she herself got married.

Bela:You are right Anandji.Guess she loves him a lot.

Anand:I hope this marriage will change Mishti.

Bela:She will change Anandji as marriage changes people.

He smiled.

Jeev and Mishti were in the bedroom.

Mishti gave him a document.

Jeev:What is this?

Mishti:Sign there.If you sign there I will get my wealth.

Jeev looked at Mishti.

Jeev:I will sign.

Mishti smiled.

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