Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta breaks down before being expelled for pushing Arshi Khan


Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta breaks down before being expelled for pushing Arshi Khan

The latest episode of controversial reality show Bigg Boss 14 witnessed huge drama when Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta got involved in a verbal war. The duo made comments on each other’s family and Arshi provoked Vikas to a level that he pushed her into the pool. This created a huge drama in the show as the housemates also asked Vikas to apologise 3while Arshi demanded his eviction. When this happened, Vikas Gupta broke down infront of the housemates including Aly Goni, Rakhi sawant, Rahul Mahajan, Abhinav Shukla and revealed that he is tired and doesn’t want to be in the game. 

Vikas Gupta revealed that he has been working since he was 17 and has worked really hard to make a space for himself in the industry. He also claim that he has never stopped anyone’s work, contrary to what people have claimed and has always wished the best for them. Vikas further revealed that Arsgi has been ‘torturing him’ only because she has been provoked by a few people outside. 

He further said, “Main thak chuka hu zindagi se, I am alone (I am tired of this life.). I have no one. I am alone. I will not stay here. I am done.”

Earlier this week, Vikas and Arshi’s teams were seen at loggerheads with each other during a task. There were several instances when Arshi was seen misbehaving and yelling at Vikas. At one point, Vikas had predicted that Arshi would be voted out of the show, after which she accused him of orchestrating lies.

“Ab yeh Shilpa Shinde ban rahi hai (Now she is trying to be Shilpa Shinde),” a frustrated Vikas was seen saying. In another fight, Arshi hit Vikas and the latter responded in a similar fashion following which another Bigg Boss contestant Eijaz Khan had to intervene and stop them. The Bigg Boss had also called them into the confession room and advised them not to indulge in physical fights.

Though, Vikas has been evicted from the show, it remains yet to be seen if he would get a second chance to comeback and be part of the reality show.

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