#Enmity to Love #Riansh #16 Sejal – Vansh being closer ?

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Sejal and Riddhima are in Sejal’s car. 

Sejal : Who is that handsome hunk ?

Riddhima : Don’t dare you call me like this, he is my boyfriend.

Sejal : Oo ..I am sorry..

Riddhima : It’s ok 

They both went to Sejal’s house and enjoyed themselves there . At 6 pm , Riddhima was back in VR Mansion.

Vansh : How was your day ?

Riddhima : Very nice..

Vansh  Now, let’s have dinner..

Riddhima : Hmm

They have dinner and sleep.

In morning, 

Sejal comes to VR Mansion . 

Sejal : Hi Vansh , how are you? 

Vansh : I am good..(looking at her) You  are looking quite pretty..

Sejal : Thanks 

Riddhima noticed it  (in her mind) : He never praised me ..I mean without I asked..

Vansh : You came here to meet Riddhima ? 

Sejal : No, you…

Vansh : Me ?

Sejal : Yeah only called me 

Vansh : Oh yeah 

Sejal : Reason ? 

Vansh : Let’s go to the cafeteria and talk..

Sejal : Hmm..

Vansh and Sejal left for the cafeteria. Riddhima is crying.

Riddhima : My best friend deceived me and Vansh too dating her..

She was crying bitterly..

Riddhima : I will have to do something

She ringed someone.

Riddhima : Hello 

The person : Hi ,Ms. Ahuja 

Riddhima : Is there any job there ? 

The person : Yes 

Riddhima : Well , that’s good , I am sending you details and the number of my friend . Can you tell is she eligible for it ? 

The person : Ok mam 

Riddhima hangs up and sends the  details and the number and then she receives a call.

Riddhima : So , is she , Mr. Mathore ? 

Mr. Mathore  : Yeah ma’am ..

Riddhima : Well, thanks and please call her and inform ..Don’t take my name.

Mr. Mathore : Ok

She hangs up.

Sejal gets a call and she is informed that she has got a job in Dubai , so she leaves from the cafeteria informing Vansh. Vansh comes back to his mansion. 

Riddhima (shouts) : You cheater, you deceived me you fell for Sejal (she starts beating him)

Vansh : Stop it 

(But she doesn’t stops) 

Vansh (shouts) : Stop it , I said !! 

Riddhima (cries) : See , you shouted at me..You deceived me , betrayed me…

Vansh : If you think so, then get out of my life and don’t dare to come near me

Riddhima wakes up shouting,”No, no, no”  

(So, how is my …whatever you call , she was dreaming…Hahaha !!!) 

Vansh comes to her,”What happened??” 

Riddhima started breathing heavily..

Riddhima : W…a..te..r

Vansh gives her water and she gulps it. 

Vansh : Now tell , what happened , sweetheart ?

Riddhima hugs him and says,”Promise me, you won’t say me to leave you forever.”

Vansh : Promise but what happened ?

Riddhima : I dreamt that ….bla…bla..bla..bla..

Vansh kisses on her forehead.

Vansh : Riddhima, calm down , I won’t fall for any girl , especially that Sejal . 

Riddhima : Thanks ..

Vansh : Accha listen , you can go with me for some days ?

Riddhima : Sorry but I am busy till 20 Dec.

Vansh : Very good, we have to go on the 25th business trip.

Riddhima : But what will I do there ? 

Vansh : Riddhima, you will enjoy..

Riddhima : Hmm..ok..

Vansh : Now get ready..

Riddhima : Yeah…

Vansh : And ya, come for the breakfast

Riddhima : hmm.

Riddhima gets ready and comes for breakfast. Everyone has it and leaves for their work.

VR Enterprises : 

Vansh : Shall I tell my feelings to mom ? Umm..mmm…mmm 

Ishani : Hmm..

Vansh : When did you come ? 

Ishani : Just when you were thinking about her..   Bhai , you should tell mom.

Vansh : Hmm..

Ishani : Today at dinner..

Vansh : What !? How ? 

Ishani : What do you mean by what and how , just say naa..

Vansh : Ok

Ishani : Accha , I gave you an idea , so what is my reward? 

Vansh : You will be dropped home by my car..

He laughs while  Ishani leaves.

Riddhima’s clinic : 

Riddhima is standing, Ishani reaches.

Riddhima : Hi Ishani ..

Ishani  :  What were you thinking ? 

Riddhima : That I should express my feelings to Vansh’s mom first..

Ishani : Do it tonight ..

Riddhima : What !? How ? 

Ishani : Just say na

Riddhima : Ok

Ishani : Accha , I gave you an idea , so what is my reward? 

Riddhima : You will be dropped home by my car..

Ishani : Ugh  !

She rings Vansh and puts the call on speaker.

Vansh : Hi Ishani 

Ishani : Bhai, I visited Riddhima, she was too thinking what you were , I gave her the same idea and she said , you will be dropped home by my car..

Vansh laughs

Riddhima : So , you also said the same ?

Vansh : Hmm..We are the same only..

Ishani : Hmm..

V & R : Bye , now I have to work..

They both hang up. 


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