Ishq Mein Marjawan – Fan Fiction – Episode 20 (Positive)

Hi guys. I know my writing is not that great. Do let me know if you all have any suggestions to improve. But hope you all like it today ❤

Epi starts…

Vansh and Riddhima are talking in the room when Angad comes in and stands near the door. Riddhima gets angry seeing him and tells Vansh to turn around. Vansh turns and also gets angry seeing him.

Vansh: What are you doing here? Haven’t you caused enough trouble? Please get out

Angad: Yo bro, not so past. I just wanted to tell Riddhima that I had a secret crush on her ever since the beginning.

Riddhima: Whattttt!

Vansh gets even more angry and launches at him holding his collar

Vansh: Look, she is mine, and she will only ever be mine so either you suck it up or you get out.

Angad: What are you going to do huh? Beat me up?

Vansh: I would love to but Mum wouldn’t like to see her son bruised would get out.

Angad looks at Riddhima who is sitting on the bed behind Vansh and winked. She got up and slapped him.

Riddhima: You heard him na, get out.

Angad: Fine I’m going but don’t think it’s over, I promise I won’t come near Riddhima anymore but you haven’t seen the last of me.

He walks out and in the distance takes Anupriya with him to get out of the house. Riddhima looks at Vansh.

Riddhima: Do you think he meant it?

Vansh: Hey, look at me (he gently lifted her chin to face him) even if he does come back, we are together, we will always be.

He held out his hand and Riddhima with no hesitation put her hand in his.

Vansh: We should move forward, why don’t we go somewhere? It will be fun.

Riddhima: I don’t know. I have a bad feeling something might happen (sad)

Vansh: Nothing is going to happen Riddhima, you and me can take on the whole world if we are together (he smiled)

Riddhima smiled gently as well and holding hands together, they went downstairs to talk to Dadi

Dadi walks around feeling a little uneasy and hugs Vansh and Riddhima when they come downstairs

Vansh: What happened Dadi? Itna pareshan kyu hai? (Why are you so worried)

Dadi: I don’t know beta but mujhe bohot ka feeling aa rahi

Vansh: Come on dadi, sit down. Sab theek hai hum sab yahan par hai

Riddhima: Yes dadi (she smiles)

Dadi: You both get married quick

Vansh and Riddhima: What??!

Dadi: You both love each other na?

Vansh looks at Riddhima and says yes. She too nods.

Vansh: But dadi, abhi toh shaadi durr ki baat hai.

Dadi: No beta, you need to marry her quick. I will feel safer and you both will be tied for life.

Riddhima was a little shocked..she went up to the room without saying anything.

Vansh to Dadi: I will talk to her

Dadi: Sorry beta, I’m not forcing you but you know this house could do with some happiness

She gets up and walks away. Vansh looks at the direction of the room and goes to talk to Riddhima

Meanwhile outside somewhere..

Anupriya and Angad are in a small hut. He is angry that they had to leave the house but he had a revenge idea.

Angad: Mom, I have an idea. I can marry Vansh’s sister and we will get the rightful place in the home

Anupriya: Are you mad? How are we suppose to convince her for marriage.

Angad: don’t worry mom, I have just the plan

Precap: Vansh proposes to Riddhima in front of everyone. Does she say yes? Find out tomorrow. Also Angad gets engaged on the other side. 

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