Santoshi Maa 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is rigorously tortured by Devesh’s mother.

Santoshi Maa 16th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devi Polomi in joyful mood calls Mata Santoshi to inform that see other woman is beginning her life to behave like Swati to woo Indresh & Indresh will also get attracted to her.
Bubli is medicating Indresh while he is wondering how come Swati is taking so much care of me & on other hand Swati is entering the house with severe pain of her legs & falls down pulling a drawer which falls & see her photos with Devesh & Devesh tells him that these photo I have put on wall which will remind me always how you left stealing & fooling me years back while Devesh’s mother also curses her saying that you won’t leave this house unless you do not return all my jewellery but Swati pleads Devesh keeping her hands on his legs then too he moves away cursing her.
Devi Polomi joyfully jokes with Mata Santoshi about her devotee & leaves.
Mata Santoshi meets Mahadev asking him that the house where Swati has gone has very negative vibes hence wish to help my devotee but Mahadev tells her that your devotee is just not simple but a very great devotee who has faced all such kinds of trouble in her life so to not to worry as she has that power to overcome this too.
Devi Polomi arrives to Devesh’s house but his mother tells her why you always come here but she tells her that I just came to see if Face showing ceremony has started or no anyways I have brought this gift to give her & Devesh’s mother says it seems very heavy & yes says Devi Polomi as it’s pure silver & Devesh’s mother feels happy. Devi Polomi instigates Devesh’s mother to start her face showing ceremony immediately doing whatever you wish to with her but it should be grand one & Devesh’s mother feels right so decides to arrange today itself inviting everybody from their community.
Bubli is doing her makeup applying Sindoor on her forehead & also saying addressing Swati that sorry for all this as I am performing your duty here due to my helplessness while Indresh comes asking her what are you doing here & she gets scared but tells him that I was going to come for your medication. Indresh tells her to not to help me so much or I’ll get indebted to you & she says repay me whenever you can but now to take utmost care as my mother says that who overcomes such hurdles in life becomes more stronger & you’ll will also help in finding my husband too. Indresh asks her that if anytime your husband comes in front of you then how you will react but Bubli keeps mum.
Devesh’s mother tells her other daughter in law to apply paste on face of Swati which she had prepared & as she is applying its burning her & Swati stops her from applying more. Swati runs towards the basin for water but no water running hence finds a bottle & washes all the paste while Devesh sees her & leaves & Devi Polomi also comes seeing her & smilingly says that very sad to see Swati is tortured so badly.
All have gathered for Face showing ceremony & Swati is ready putting saree cover on her face while all are appreciating Devesh’s mother for keeping this ceremony. One of woman opens her face & gets shocked while Devi Polomi comes to see & opens her saree cover completely while all are shocked seeing & abusing Swati telling Devesh’s mother that is this disgusting faced woman with whom your son married deliberately. All are joking about Swati while Swati runs inside & sees her face skin being badly damaged due to that paste itself & she is praying Mata Santoshi for help while Mata’s Moti Garland breaks from her hands making all Moti’s scattered as she too is feeling depressed about Swati.

Precap: Indresh has arranged decorative atmosphere & Bubli asks him what is all this & he tells her to see knowing your love story & shows photo of herself saying that this is my love who is none other than you giving her the Rose while she is shocked. Devesh is forcing Swati to wear the saree again & to restart our relation where you had left while Swati is scared & Devi Polomi watching happily but Mata Santoshi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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