Story 9 Months Ki 15th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Story 9 Months Ki 15th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarangdhar coming to the office. Receptionist says you are again late. Sarangdhar asks would you like to drink tea? He serves tea to Faheem and also gives the poetry paper for his presentation. Faheem writes and says it is good. He then says it is ok, I will do the correction, you shall feel proud to work under me. Sarangdhar says I will know when Alia ji approves the work. Alia comes to the office. Param calls Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar looks at Alia. Rabia tells Alia that she has to come for the fertility clinic to meet the counseller as she will do the assesstment that you are ready or not emotionally and physically. Alia asks why? Rabia says I know you are ready for the IVF. Alia gets nervous and says she will meet the counseller tomorrow. Rabia says you does good when nervous, you are thinking much, asks her to chill and says she will meet her in the afternoon. Alia calls Faheem and says we will meet after an hour for the meeting. Faheem gives the presentation to Alia, but the latter is thinking about the baby. The client gets impressed with his presentation. Sarangdhar imagines himself giving the presentation. Param asks Sarangdhar to bring snacks for the clients. Sarangdhar comes there and asks Faheem to say him good job. Faheem says later. Sarangdhar asks about Alia. Someone say, she left already.

Rabia asks Alia to get down the car and asks if she is nervous. Sarangdhar talks to his mother. Alia tells that she is not nervous and tells that her baby will be like her. Sarangdhar tells his mother that everyone clapped for his poetry and thanks her for making him run away from there. Rabia asks Alia to come and says everything will be solved. She says you have corrected big mistake of your life and says your marriage. Sarangdhar’s mother talks about his and Alia’s marriage. Sarangdhar says no. She says Alia Bhatt and you make a perfect pair. Sarangdhar finds Faheem reading his diary and asks him not to touch without his permission. Faheem asks if he thinks of himself as Gulzar. Sarangdhar says I can’t think myself as Gulzar. Alia sees Chote lal there and hides telling Rabia that Madan lal is there. Rabia says he is Chote lal. Chote lal gets the money and leaves. Rabia asks Receptionist about him. Receptionist says he is a donor. Alia imagines her child as Chote lal and tells Rabia that she wants all the details of the donor. Rabia tells about the laws that neither the sperm donor nor the recipient will know about each other. Alia says she don’t want Chote lal or any other man like him to be his baby’s donor. She says she wants all the details about the donor.

Brij Mohan’s son in law Pawan gets upset with the worker. Brij Mohan comes there. His son in law tells about the gift which he will be taken for someone. Brij Mohan tells that he wants kids to be in the house. Pawan thinks he wants Kusum and him to have a baby and tells that lalla will come soon. Brij Mohan asks if the age is not more. Pawan says no. Brij Mohan thinks to have baby and smiles.

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