What if these top Christmas films were made in Bollywood?

It’s the time to be jolly, it’s the time to celebrate and what better way than gathering around to watch some fun Christmassy movies with your loved ones. While the festival is West bound, Christmas is celebrated with utmost zeal in India. Luscious trees, twinkling lights, candy canes and ginger bread house, we have it all. As we celebrate Christmas today, we list down 7 movies that you can watch with your family but there’s twist. We recast these Christmas themed films with appropriate Bollywood stars because why not. So, tell us what you think of our picks in the comments below. 

1. Last Christmas
This is the story of a grumpy little girl played by Emilia Clarke who has too many complaints with life. She finds herself drawn to a mysterious man played by Henry Golding and a love story unfolds during Christmas. If Last Christmas was to be made in Bollywood, Deepika Paukone would play the perfect part as the leading lady. We’ve already seen her act as the woman who struggles to keep up in Piku and Tamasha and she’s seems fit for this role too. As for our charming man, who better than the mysterious Ranbir Kapoor to step into the shoes. 

What if these top Christmas films were made in Bollywood?

5. The Holiday

A self-love kind of film, this one takes you into the lives of a workaholic business woman played by Cameron Diaz and a loner columnist played by Kate Winslet. The two come across a holiday service that allows to people to exchange their residence for a while without ever meeting. This puts Kate in a life she never imagined and Cameron to find meaning in deeper things in life. We believe Sonam Kapoor, with her class and the fashionista vibe would be a perfect fit for Cameron’s role and Katrina would fill Kate’s shoes pretty well.

What if these top Christmas films were made in Bollywood?

7. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

A stoner comedy with two friends Harold and Kumar who are in different phases of their lives. While Harold is working on Wall Street, Kumar is a heartbroken junkie with nowhere to go.The two friends meet up and start an adventurous Christmas together filled with drugs, parties and lots of fun. If we were to recast this one, we would love to watch Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh bring Harold and Kumar to life on the big screen.

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