Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – KEVIN,KISS,PROPOSAL (EP 27)

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Episode starts

Anika and Sheela come back to Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay gets down from the secret room with a huge portrait of Disha.

Anika: Shivaay..are you going to hang this picture anywhere

Shivaay: When you have a place in this Oberoi Mansion my Disha too you remember it’s you who removed all these pictures from here..that time I didn’t know..I thought u were worried for my tears but i know it now

Anika: Shivaay

Shivaay: Feel happy that I haven’t thrown you out divorce notice will reach you till then you can stay here

Sheela: Jamaai sab

Shivaay: Oh shut up Mrs.Ashok…a murderer’s daughter will be a murderer. So keep quiet

Shivaay storms of. Sheela smirks at Anika who stands there helpless.

The scene shifts to Udaipur. Keerthi reaches home with Manish and Swarna

Manish: Keerthi…you better join our office..anyway Kartik isn’t interested

Keerthi: Thank you papa

Manish: I hope you will handle life in a matured way from now

Manish goes to his room. Keerthi comes out to take her luggage from car. She grabs them and walks in while she slips and Naksh holds her. They have an eyelock

Few seconds later they come to senses.

Naksh: Please be careful Keerthi

Keerthi: Thank you Naksh

Naksh: Naira told me..don’t worry for stay happy for yourself

Keerthi: Okay

Naksh: Good to have you back..will be happier if we get our old happy Keerthi

Keerthi smiles and bends down to grab her bags while Naksh helps her. Their hands touch sending electric current down their spines but they ignore it and walk further. The scene freezes

Riya is in a resort. Someone touches her from behind. She stands up to see …

Riya: Kevin….

Kevin: Hey wifey

Riya: Kevin…please stop it…I’m not your wife anymore

Kevin: Then I must tell about your Kabir to everyone

Riya: Why are you using a dead man to blackmail did kill him still your hatred for him doesn’t reduce

Kevin: So does my love for you my highness

Riya: Kevin..please stop it

Kevin: Don’t forget our old good days sweetheart

Riya: Which good days..when you used to beat and torture me all day

Kevin: That was whenever you spoke about that Kabir..don’t forget our friendship

Riya: I’m leaving

Kevin: You have 10 days time. Think and decide

Riya leaves in her car.
The scene shifts to film theatre. Kartik and Urvashi’s film has released and Kaira are there at the theatre to see response

Kartik tightly holds Naira closer

Kartik: Naira…I’m….

Naira: Shut’s gonna be ok

Kartik: But

Naira: The premiere was awesome so will be movie now

Kartik bends down and kisses her

Again cameras capture it

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: It’s a lucky charm for me..the previous movie with Nethra was a hit..because

Naira blushes. Kartik hugs her.
Sometime later in the producer office Kaira are standing in the corridor

Just then Urvashi storms there

Urvashi: Whats that nonsense…kissing her infront of me..

Kartik: Hey Urvashi this dialogue should have been told by Naira if I had kissed you for promotion of the movie today…you should not ask this

Urvashi: Kartik…don’t support her in front of me naa baby

Naira: Baby..

Naira slaps her in a reflex

Naira: See..only I have the right to get close to him offscreen onscreen everywhere…you can do it as the character of the movie to the character played by him..that’s it…only the character belongs to you..but Kartik always belongs to Naira

Kartik is really happy with it.
Producer: Well said my dear..never let your right on him. Kartik I know the kiss was to…

Kartik: Sorry sir

Producer: Never mind it’s a lucky charm only. Movie is doing great.

He pats Kartik and thus breaks Urvashi’s nose. The scene freezes

Ruhi and Vihaan are in a cafe

Vihaan: Suddenly missing me…what’s it because Naira got married and left

Ruhi: It’s because I love you idiot…I thought you will know it yourself and understand but you are tubelight…but I have told it to you..I’m leaving

Ruhi gets up to leave. Vihaan holds her hand and pulls her closer

Vihaan: If it love then why are you leaving now

Ruhi: Because you consider me as a friend and love Tia

Vihaan: Did I say so…who told you I love Tia


Ruhi and Vihaan are travelling from airport. Vihaan is enquiring about Tia all the way to the cafe. Ruhi is too irritated. Even after reaching cafe he is not stopping.

Ruhi: Hey idiot I have been missing you terribly…why are you talking about Tia always to me..if you really want to know about her you could have asked her to come to the airport right


Vihaan chuckles. Ruhi turns to look at him

Vihaan: Hey idiot you fell for my prank…I wanted you to propose first that’s why I did like this

Ruhi: Did you know I love you

Vihaan : Haan


Few days before when Vihaan was abroad Ruhi and Vihaan are having a phone conversation at night. They keep on talking and lose track of time.
Vihaan is speaking but there is no response.
Vihaan: Ruhi…Ruhi…have you slept

Murmurs: I love you too Vihaan…I love you..

Vihaan: You were murmuring I love you too Vihaan…I realised you love me and also want me to propose you that’s why I tricked you into proposing me

Ruhi hits him. He pulls her into a tight hug


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