Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 91

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Episode starts

Komolika: Anurag….do you know how happy I am…this is the best moment of my life.
Komolika hugs Anurag. Anurag’s face is grim with no reaction. He tightly closes his eyes in irritation.

Kartik is watching them from behind a tree at a distance. He gets irritated and steps forward to go towards them. Before his steps could advance a hand comes and pulls him back. He is irritated and turns to the person who turns out to be Naira

Naira: What are you doing❓
Kartik: I can’t  digest this Naira let me….

Naira gestures someone behind her to come and help her as Kartik is overpowering her and Kartik literally lifts Naira’s feet off the foot with his pulling force.Within seconds Multiple hands come for back up and the persons are revealed to be Arjun , Abir , Naksh, Maya , Keerthi,Saanjh ,Mishti and Laksh

Abir: Bhaiya don’t spoil the plan

Kartik: He is not executing it he is just hugging her

Abir: Wait a minute…Arjun bhai….(Abir winks at Arjun)

Arjun: Anurag….Anurag…proceed with the plan….

Anurag who has a Bluetooth earphone in his ears listens to Arjun and suddenly comes out from his irritation

Anurag gently breaks the hug and makes Komolika sit facing him

Anurag: Now that we are husband and wife…..

Komolika: Anurag…do you know how good it’s to hear it from you..that too after so many struggles

Anurag: Komolika I know that you struggled a lot for jail

Komolika: Haan…Thanks to Mr.Bajaj…he only toppled the case that Sid tried to rape me and Prerna and I killed him in defence

Anurag is shocked but he tries his best to hide all his feelings with a fake sympathy and love

Anurag: That’s great of him if not I would have lost someone who loves me dearly….I know that you can go to any extent for me

Komolika: Haan.. that’s why I tried to impress you by removing the hindrance from our love pathway my dear…I put Sid in the bathtub thinking that Prerna will get afraid and leave you but…she…that’s why I crashed the car on her… she signed the divorce papers atlast

Anurag clenches his fists in anger.
Arjun: Anurag…don’t lose your patience…continue

Komolika starts to weep. Anurag wipes her tears

Komolika: I never wanted to do all this but my love for you made me think that I can go to any extent for you..but hereafter I won’t do anything to Prerna…because when I have got what I wanted why should I do things like that..I’ll be your ideal wife and a good elder daughter in law for the Goenka kaandaan better than that Prerna

Anurag gently pats her head and with a sudden force he shoves her down with the chair. Komolika is not able to contemplate the situation and rolls her eyes in confusion. She gets up in an instant and hugs him. Anurag tries to push her but her hold on him tightens

Komolika: What happened baby..why are you behaving like this suddenly…I only said that I will be better than Prerna right..just the way you like…

Before she could complete her sentence someone pulls her away from the hug. It’s none other than Naira and Maya. They try to pull Komolika away from Anurag but like a magnet piece getting attracted to another piece Komolika is pulling them with her might thus preventing them from breaking the hug. To her dismay more hands ( of Saanjh Keerthi and Mishti) plunge in to help them and Komolika is thrown to the floor.

Komolika: Whats happening here..Acha you came to wish us for the wedding and you are playing post wedding ritual games with me

Abir: Tum kabhi nahi badlogi na ( You will never change right)

Komolika: Arrey…you cannot call me tum ..I’m your bhabhi

Abir: Bhabhi…(he laughs out loud) in this world I’ll address only a few people as my, Naira bhabhi Maya bhabhi Naina bhabhi..and last but not the least Prerna bhabhi

Komolika laughs and: Prerna bhabhi….seems like you don’t know anything..Prerna has signed the divorce paper…she is no more your bhabhi..and do you see my has Anurag’s I’m your bhabhi

Naira: You stupid lady..just filling the hairline isn’t shaadi..shaadi is done with all heart and blessings of elders…in front of the Agni..and that occurs only once in life with only one are so stupid to think everything   as divorce papers of Anurag jiju and Prerna didi

Komolika: Naira…they are divorce papers only..

Saanjh: Who said they aren’t ❓

Naira: It’s just not Anurag jiju and Prerna didi’s

Komolika: What are you bluffing❓

Komolika gets up and snatches the papers from Anurag….

Komolika: They are….

Maya gets the papers form her : Yeah they are mine and Rishabh’s

Komolika: Rishabh❓
Maya: Your beloved Mr.Bajaj

Kartik: But anyways your stupidity helped us..without any court investigation and efforts you have given your confession..that too in 3 cases..thank you so much

Kartik gets the button recorder from Anurag and shows her

Abir: Don’t look so dumb..the three cases are Sid’s murder , attempt of murder on baby Sid and Prerna bhabhi..

Komolika tries to snatch the recorder from Kartik who throws it in the air…and Naira catches it

Naira: You want it..huh❓
Naira extends it to Komolika but before she could get it Naira tosses it in the air and it is caught by Arjun

Arjun: Komolika…Komolika you are a funny fool to think that you can grab this and run away

Komolika suddenly grabs the fork from the table and holds it against Keerthi.
Komolika: Now give it to me or else

All stay stunned and Komolika has winning feeling for few seconds . Naira winks at Kartik who winks backWithin seconds Naira gives Komolika  a proper kick while Kartik pulls Keerthi thus saving Keerthi and knocking Komolika down.

Kartik and Naira share a hifi

Akash: Kudos to team Kaira

Arjun: Right time my friend

Akash: Komolika you are under arrest. Thank you guys for your support.

Naina: Wonderful plan by Naira

Abir: Awesome bhabhi

Kartik: Biwi kiski hai

All of them share a group hug while the assistants of Akash drag a handcuffed Komolika

Kartik: Its good that you didn’t encounter her as per old plan

Akash: She doesn’t deserve instant death my dears

Abir: Three cheers to our squad

Chorus: Hip hip hurray🥳 hip hip hurray 🥳hip hip hurray🥳

The scene shifts to the hospital. All gather around Prerna who is now conscious and recovering well

Prerna: Where are Arjun and Maya

Saanjh: They have gone to Register their marriage again

Abir: But they deserve a grander one right

Laksh: I tried to convince but Arjun says it’s waste of money

Kartik: Then if not grand they deserve a proper ceremony at least.and that too as a surprise..because he will create fuss

Anurag: But how..we can’t plan anything here

Kartik: Bhaiya..not here in Goa..

Naira: Haan…you are all coming to Goa with us while we plan Arjun jiju and Maya didi’s wedding there

Abir: Goa

Kartik and Naira in unison : Haan..Arrey yaar lots of drama has all deserve a holiday..

Naira: Our friends beach house is there and we are all staying for a week there

Naksh: Wonderful idea

All get happy



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