Neha Kakkar gives Rs. One Lakh to Shantabai Pawar aka “Super Aaji”

Time and time again we have seen many contestants proving their might on the stage of reality shows. And their zeal and passion towards their art melts the hearts of the judges too. On the stages of  Indian Idol too something similar happens countless times.  The stage doesn’t just hold a place for some of the greatest musical talents and stories, but also some of the most inspiring and heart touching stories from across the country. Recently, Indian Idol 2020 was proud to have Shantabai Pawar, popularly known for the Lathi Kathi performance on the streets of Pune and her inspirational will power.

Being a fan of Sayli Kamble and her music, Shantabai Pawar graced the sets of Indian Idol 2020 in support of her and said, “This girl sings very well, and I have come to support her. I pray and bless this girl that she may move mountains and excel ahead on her musical journey.

During a conversation, she said, “I’m performing since I was 8. My father taught me to work hard. People mostly remain indoors due to #COVID, so I clang utensils to alert them when I perform. I now take care of 10 orphan girls and provide for them, there are times when I go hungry in order to feed these girls.”

She later mentioned that she now faces trouble performing her Lathi Kathi act as physical limitations hurdle her way. And all of this melted the heart of Neha Kakkar so much so that she donated One Lakh rupees to Shantabai Pawar . A truly warming gesture indeed.

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