#riansh #vari a friendship to relationship story (the challenge) Episode 9


Vansh was moving toward riddhima and he slipped and fell on her riansh was looking in each others eyes. Vansh started placing riddhima’s hair in a romantic way. Riddhima started blushing

Vansh – i have said before you look beautiful when you blush

Riddhima – va……vansh

Vansh – yes riddhima

Riddhima – move

Vansh – if i won’t

Riddhima – then i will……

Vansh ( interrupting ) – kiss me right

Riddhima – no way
Are you out of your mind

Vansh moved back

Riddhima – this is the 3 rd time you said the word
Why are you eager for kiss

Vansh – coz you are too irrestable

Riddhima – shut up

Vansh – you will kiss me till evening

Riddhima – no way

Vansh – its a challenge
If i will lose i will not talk to you till the end of my life

Riddhima – challenge accepted

Vansh starts the car and both reach VR Mansion in that time both of them didn’t talk

Riddhima vansh entered the manshion and riddhima lost balance and vansh held her they both were lost in each others eyes. Meanwhile all family members came and saw vansh riddhima in such a romantic pose
After a while when they noticed that they are surrounded by people they broke the pose and stand properly

Dadi – Welcome riddhima beta ( dadi riddhima shared a hug )

Ishani – welcome riddhima
Its been years we have not met

Riddhima – yes ishani its been 5 years

Riddhima – who is this handsome ( pointing toward angre )

Ishani – Riddhu you will not change haa
Still flirting by the way he is angre my husband

Riddhima and angre shook hand

Angre – what riddhima you forget me in these time

Riddhima – no yrr i was just kidding how can i forget my friend

A little boy – who are you ( asking to riddhima )

Riddhima sit on the knees .

Riddhima – i am riddhima
Who are you mr . Handsome

Little boy – aditya

Ishani – riddhu he is my son

Riddhima hugged aditya

All the while kabir was seeing these all from a distance and he was burning in jealousy

Kabir – riddhima you will be mine just mine

Back to the family

All were happy to meet riddhima again .

Aditya to vansh – mamu is she my mami

Vansh – not now but will be

Aditya – means ( questioning look )

Aditya moved toward riddhima and ask in a little high voice – are you my mami

Everyone become happy with this cute question while riddhima become shy

Riddhima – no baccha

Aditya – then what I should call you

Riddhima – you can call me ridz

Aditya – ok ridz

Uma came and hugged Riddhima from back

Uma – who is this preety girl

Riddhima – your daughter ( happily )

Riddhima turned around and hugged uma

Riddhima – maa i missed you

Uma – i missed you to baccha

Aditya – why are you calling dadi as maa

Uma – because before your birth she was too close to us
She was best friend of vansh

Aditya ( with sad face ) – thats not fair all the fun take place before my birth

Riddhima – baccha i am staying here for few days in that time we can create memories

Aditya – done

Uma – ok riddhu go take some rest after that you can start preparation

Riddhima – ok maa

Uma – vansh put riddhimas luggage in guest room

Riddhima – no maa its not needed i can do it my self

Vansh – maa i will do it ( smirks while looking at riddhima )

Vansh and Riddhima reach at guest room

Vansh – Take a nap for a while you also have to give me a pack ( smirks )

Riddhima – how can you be so sure about this

Vansh – because vansh raisinghania never lose

Riddhima – Mr . Vansh if you have forgotten about the raichands project then let me remind you

Vansh –  i have not forgotten and i am really happy that you are the one who defeated me

Riddhima – history us gonna repeat it self i will win the challenge

Vansh – will see riddhima
Will see


Riddhima was checking the decorations while vansh was searching for Riddhima . On the other hand there is something cooking in kabir’s mind

Riddhima was on a table fixing some light . Vansh came and move the table a bit in that way which will make riddhima falling in hus arms in kissing way. But riddhima managed ti stand properly

Riddhima ( smirks ) – what happen vansh
Your plan didn’t work
awww soo sad

Vansh – riddhima the evening is not over yet
Go get ready the function will start in a few


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