Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani tries to flee, while Moksh is in danger

Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady asking Shera about the captive girl in his car. She asks if he brought dinner with him. He says no and asks her to come. He lifts Kalyani and asks the lady to go and get ready. He talks to the brothel owner and tells that this girl was marrying an old man. The brother lady says you are saying as if you didn’t taste the old stuff and flirts with him. Kalyani is blindfolded and manages to open her hands and legs, but Shera ties his hands and feet again. Kalyani asks him to leave her and let her go. Shera asks Heera Bai to sell Kalyani for 20 lakhs and 1 rupee, if her husband don’t give 20 lakhs in 24 hours. Kalyani says you don’t know me and tells that her Aai will get the placed sealed. He says I am going to Chanda now. Heera Bai takes Kalyani to the room and tells that if they didn’t get 20 lakhs then she will sell her. Kalyani tells that she is Malhar’s widow and cries for her son. Two guys look at her from outside and say that they will play game with Kalyani. Kalyani warns them and shouts Malhar ji….Shera comes there and beats the guys, says the girl is his ransom amount and also his responsibility till he gets the money. Kalyani asks Shera to let her go and tells that she will give him money. She pleads asking him to let her go for her son. Shera smiles. Moksh cries in the room for Kalyani and reminisces their moments.

Avni brings tea for Sarthak. Sarthak sees sindoor and mangalsutra and tells that she don’t need to do this. He asks her not to fulfill the duty of a wife and tells that he has lost trust on this. He tells that he talks about taking revenge from them and goes out. Avni says ok and sits on the bed. She drinks tea and sees Moksh. She calls him and asks him to massage her feet. Moksh massages her feet. Avni twists his ears and hurts him. Moksh tries to protect himself. Avni drops tea on her hand and gets angry, takes Moksh to give him punishment.

A lady comes to Kalyani and frees her hands and legs. She then asks open her blind fold and asks her to eat food. Kalyani hugs her and takes out her phone. She calls Pawar once the lady goes. Avni takes Moksh out and puts him in the water tank, and switches on the water supply. Godaveri comes there and asks her what she has done and tries to go to Moksh, but Avni fights with her. Aao Saheb comes there and asks her to let Avni do whatever she wants. She takes Godaveri from there and locks her in the room. Kalyani calls Godaveri and informs her where is she? She asks her to give her message to Pawar. Godaveri says she don’t know how to help her as she is locked and tells about Moksh’s life being in danger. Kalyani gets worried for Moksh. The water fills up in the tanker and his head is about to get drown while he shouts for Aai fi. Kalyani sees Heera Bai coming and hides the phone in her saree. Heera Bai asks her to massage Shera’s back as his back is in pain. Kalyani goes to Shera and massages his back. She didn’t see his face. She finds the gun and hits Shera. Shera pretends to faint. Kalyani comes out and asks Heera Bai to take her out, pointing gun at her. Heera Bai kicks the table, but Kalyani asks her not to act smart. Just then Shera throw net on her and tells Heera Bai that Kalyani’s groom eloped, so she knows what to do now. Kalyani is shocked, still she don’t see Shera’s face.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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