Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – Disturbing pasts and a shocking call ( EP28)

Hai friends. If you don’t like any part of the storyline do tell me in the comments and I’ll change it. Thank you for your support. Let’s go to the episode now,

Episode starts

Ruhi and Vihaan are hugging each other. They realise the surroundings only after few minutes and break the hug.

Vihaan: Ruhi..I’ll be back in sometime

Saying so Vihaan goes away while Ruhi is sitting with her mobile. Few minutes later she looks up as she feels something falling on her. Her eyes notice Rose petals falling on her. She turns here and there to see the restaurant workers scattering rose petals in the air. She turns to see Vihaan on his knees. He gives her a rose

Vihaan: I

He gives her another rose and: Love

Another rose and : You

Then he gives her a huge bouquet of roses and Ruhiiiiiiii

Ruhi’s eyes get wet with tears. She gets into Vihaan’s embrace instantly

Ruhi: I love you too Vihaan..more than anything

Vihaan: More than anyone else in my life

The scene freezes on their bliss.

Its Kaira home. Naira is lying down in the couch. Kartik comes out from the kitchen with a plate and goes to Naira. He notices that Naira has fallen asleep in the couch and keeps the plate on the side table and. bends down to plant a soft kiss on her cheek.

Kartik: look so beautiful while sleeping…like an angel…today my Sherni got so angry with Urvashi for calling me baby…do you know something I really loved that possessiveness of you. That too when you said Kartik always belongs to Naira I felt like lifting you in my arms and swirling around

Naira: Why didn’t you do then❓
Kartik blinks blank as Naira puts her arm around his neck and pulls him closer

Kartik: were awake

Naira: When you are near me how will I be asleep Kartik

Kartik: Acha Ji…it’s like you were overhearing me

Naira: You were talking to me right so I have all rights to listen. You loved my possessiveness ❓

Kartik: Which husband will not love

Naira: I don’t care about others Kartik..I care only about you

Kartik: You heard it right

Naira: Then if you try to flirt with any girl the slap given to Urvashi will be given to are celebrity but flirting not allowed

Kartik: Tauba tauba never Naira..why will I flirt with any other girl when I have my Sherni

He pulls her into his arms and lifts her up.
Naira: Where are you taking me ❓

Kartik: Huh to Qutub Minar

Naira: Huh

Kartik: To bedroom obviously you were sleepy right

Naira: I’m hungry too

Kartik: I’ll feed you there na jaan

Naira kisses him. Kartik is taken by surprise. The scene freezes.

Naksh and Keerthi are sitting in a bench facing the lake Pichhola

Keerthi: How often we used to come here right

Naksh: Haan…you me Naira Kartik Ruhi Adi had lots of fun as childhood friends

Keerthi: Then slowly childhood faded and we started to surprising that Naira fell for Kartik

Naksh: Keerthi to be frank initially i didn’t like Kartik marrying Naira after ….you know right..Urvashi..but now after seeing their bond and closeness..I feel happy that I was wrong..they proved there is love after Love failure

Keerthi: But everyone is not lucky like Kartik to get a Naira after a Urvashi
Naksh: Don’t worry Keerthi you will meet a guy who genuinely loves you and cares for you

Keerthi suddenly breaks down. Naksh gets closer to her and starts to comfort her

Keerthi: Nnnaaakkkhsssh….I have faced enough already…I’m scared of hearing about meeting another guy

Naksh: If you want you can share your sorrows with me Keerthi…I’m here all ears for you..maybe you will feel light

Keerthi: You know na…how silent and shy I was in college times…he..came out of nowhere and gave me immense courage and support that  I fell for him. Papa insisted that it is not right time for marriage…I agreed but her started to brainwash me that papa will never accept our relationship..based on my trust in him I left everyone here and went there..but there I always begged him for a valediction for our relationship which he kept on postponing. Then when I asked it assertively he started to abuse me…beating continued but luckily I never lost myself to him. Then one day when I found him with another girl..I was shattered..he was engaged to her too…

Keerthi’s sobs intensify when Naksh gently pats her head to console her.

The scene shifts to the garage where Shagun is. She luckily unties herself and finds a mobile near her

Shagun: Seems like the one used by Ashok..I’ll call Someone from it

Shagun sees Naira’s number in the contact and calls her. Naira is sleeping when her mobile rings. She jumps on hearing the ringing sound. Naira slowly picks up the mobile in her hands which start to shiver on seeing the same unknown number. Her movements wake Kartik who notices her trembling hands and takes them in his

Naira: Kkkaarrttikk..the same number

Kartik: Attend it…lest face it

He attends the call and connects the speaker

Shagun: anyone there…I’m…Sshhhhhaaaagunnn…I’m kidnapped by Sheela and Ashok…hheeeree…in a garage please help me

The call disconnects

Naira: this real..Shagun bua

Kartik: Naira it may be a prank too

Naira: But

Kartik: Let’s go to the garage where Sheela aunty met Ashok..maybe we can find something

Kaira start to garage. The scene freezes.

Its Romi Riya’s bedroom. Riya is tossing in the bed. Romi pulls her closer and gently kisses her

Romi: Sweetheart don’t worry about Kevin’s call. I will never let him near you. Please sleep now.

Romi dozes off when past flashes in front of Riya

Riya in mind: Years ago someone said the same thing but…that Kevin didn’t leave him…God don’t snatch Romi from me like you snatched Kabir from me that too on our wedding day

Pictures of Kabir’s last moments flash before herHer eyes get wet without her knowledge as his last words ring in her ears

Kabir: Rrriiiiiyyyyyaaaa……dddooonnnt trust Kevin…he is a devil in the form of a human…he…..

Kabir breathes his last before he could complete his sentence. Kevin poses as a saviour and marries Riya in the mandap set for Kabir Riya wedding. After marriage when Riya mourns for Kabir the true colours of Kevin come out and he blurts killing Kabir and starts to abuse Riya for loving Kabir.

Riya is brought to reality when she finds Romi looking at her

Riya: What happened Romi

Romi: You must say..your body is wet with sweat..what happened

Riya: I’m feeling hot

Romi: Riya..AC is at 18

Riya: Romi….

She hugs him as he consoles her

Romi: It’s about Kevin right…don’t worry..I’m there for you always to protect you

Romi makes her lie down and pats her slowly. Riya goes to sleep in his lap.


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