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The episode starts with Rudra starting answering Riddhima’s questions.
Rudra: I know that anything I will say will not minimize the pain that you owns now Riddhima, but trust me I was forced. I loved your mom so much and I was super eager to see you when you were in your mother’s tummy. I was preparing to do with you a lot of things and make with you a lot of memories. Actually, I was the one who dreams to see you a doctor, I was always telling your mother that when my cutie daughter grows up I want to see her a professional doctor and I’m really happy that I had the chance to see my wish fulfilled by seeing your professional work! And the day your mom gave the birth to you, I was going very fast to see you and to be with your mother, but unfortunately Uma has known everything. She has known the affair that it was between me and your mother. I didn’t have any option other than leaving you and ends the relationship that it was between me and your mother and if I didn’t do that Uma would have taken Ragini and she would caused a lot of problems in our family. I’m sorry Riddhima dear, I would must sacrifice being with you to give the stability to this family. I know that what I’ve done will not be forgiven and I know that I really hurts my two daughters. I’m really apologizing for what I have done, but I’m really glad that you returned to me after all of those years so I can shower you with the love that you were forbidden to have it. I know that you will not forgive me easily, but I hope that you could give me the chance to atone my mistakes.

The whole family weren’t accepting what Rudra has done and how he cheated his wife and he hides such a thing from the whole family along with leaving his second daughter and making her living her life as an orphan while her father is still alive, but they were also not accepting what Uma has done and how she forbidden a daughter to be with her father.
Vansh: Yes Rudra uncle have done a huge mistake, but Uma aunt you also have done a big mistake. You have forbidden Riddhima from being with her father! How you could do such a thing?!
Anuprya: I know that of course you were shocked and shattered, but you mustn’t forbids him from even seeing his daughter. It was your right to make him ends this relation, but it isn’t your right to forbids him to be with his daughter. If you forgive him by living with him all those years, you would have done to him a favor and raised Riddhima. But you did such an inhumane thing!
Uma: You are blaming me and no one has put him/herself in my place. What would I do when I knew that my husband has made an affair with other woman and not only that but also she is pregnant of his child?! Are you were expecting that I will easily leave my husband to any other woman?! Sorry, but I don’t see that I did any mistake. I was protecting my family and my daughter.
Ragini was also shocked and shattered from what she have learned, but she had accepted her sister.
She goes to Riddhima and hugged her tightly.
Ragini: I don’t know if you will forgive dad or not, I don’t know if you will accept him or not, but I accept you Riddhima. I accept you as my sister, I don’t care about anything has happened in the past as we are both not included on it and we didn’t do anything to be punished for. I can’t blind my eyes on the truth that you are my sister. I’ve been noticed the bond that we shared from the first time we met and now I have known the reason. Do you will accept me as your sister or you will punish me for what my father has done.
Riddhima: I can’t do that, you have accepted me and this really means a lot to me. I love you my sister.
Ragini: I love you too Riddhima di.
They hugged each others, everyone got teared from this situation and they were waiting for Riddhima’s decision if she will forgive Rudra or not.
Vansh: Now the decision is yours Riddhima, do you will forgive your father or not. No one will force you.
Rudra: Yes Riddhima, the choice is yours and if you didn’t forgive me this will be the great punishment to me and I promise that I will leave the house and I will not let you see my face once again.
Riddhima was confused and she didn’t know what shall she do: her heart wants her to forgive her father that she was dreaming to be with him and her brain wants her to punish him for leaving her merely. Then she reached to a decision.
Riddhima: I was dreaming to have my own family and to be showered with the family’s love, but I didn’t have the chance for that and now I will not forbid myself from being with my family. Yes dad, I will give you a second chance and I will forgive you, but I will can’t do this thing if Uma aunt didn’t accept me and apologize to me. I know you were shocked to know the truth, but you have done a big mistake to me by forbidden me from living with my father. So I need to know if you will accept me this time or not.
Everyone was waiting for Uma to apologize to Riddhima and accepts her.
Rudra: Come on Uma, apologize to Riddhima. It is really an easy thing to do after what you have done to Riddhima in the past.
So Uma was forced to apologize to Riddhima and accepts her, but she was burning from inside and she was promising Riddhima that she will make her pay the price of insulting her in front of the family.
Uma: I’m sorry Riddhima for what I have done in the past and now I accept you as my husband’s daughter.
Riddhima was very happy to find her father and gain the respect that she was dreaming for it since childhood.
Rudra, Ragini, and Riddhima have a group hug and they were trying to fulfill all the moments that they have missed.
Vansh was really happy to see Riddhima’s happiness and he was satisfied that he has fulfilled Riddhima’s wish and she is now with her family, but he was worried from Uma’s reaction and he was believing that she is hiding something.
At the same time, Ishani was questioning Angre.
Ishani: So now after Riddhima is proved to be Vansh’s cousin, how they will get married? We are not getting used in marrying our cousins so how this is possible?!
Angre: What is the problem Ishani?! It isn’t an illegal thing for a cousin to marry his cousin especially that they weren’t raised with each others so why not that this marriage could happen?! Actually, I don’t know the reason behind your anger and why you are sticking so much on canceling Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage?!
Ishani: Come on Angre bro don’t be an over thinker, I’m just worrying about Vansh as you know how much I respect him and think about him. Nothing more than that.
Angre was trying to be convinced from Ishani’s words, but his doubt towards her start to increases. But he still doesn’t have any proof to support his doubt and actually he doesn’t want to listen to his doubts and he hopes that Ishani is saying the truth.
At the other hand, Uma was super angry and she was breaking everything around her.
Uma to herself: I will not leave you Riddhima, you have made a big mistake when you insulted me. Actually, I can’t imagine how the past that I was sure to end it had come today in front of me. I thought that after I killed your mother and leaves you in the temple that I will not remember anything about you again, but unfortunately what was I worried about is exactly what has happened! Yes Riddhima, I’m the one who destroyed your whole life and killed your mom and actually I had must killed you that day so you wouldn’t have the chance to reach to your father now and destroy what I was doing during those years!

The end of the episode. I hope you like it and don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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