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Hi all, I am super late but happy new year. Hope all of you get the happiness and love and everything else you wish for in the world. I am sorry again for not updating but there has been a lot of fan fictions and I have been reading them everyday so didn’t find the time to write mine. Hope now at least will give updates every 2 days or so or even regularly. Enjoy.

Epi starts…

Vansh and Riddhima finishes their engagement and go to their room. They stop by Ragini’s room and Vansh goes in holding a gun. Ragini sees him and gets scared.

Ragini: Please don’t hurt me.

Vansh: You were not so scared when you were hurting Riddhima. Tell me one reason why I shouldn’t end you here.

Ragini: I won’t do anything else I promise.

Vansh: That you will. Listen to me, if you marry Angad for real, I will be sure not to say anything of your plots to the family. Either take this choice or get out and never come back but remember you won’t be able to run far from my gun.

Ragini: Okay fine! I will do as you say, just please don’t hurt me.

Vansh lowers the gun and looks at Riddhima who nods. He walks out and goes back to his room.

Riddhima helps Ragini to get into bed and they have a talk.

Ragini: Why are you being so nice to me?

Riddhima: Because I have a heart that is not made of stone. (she laughs)

Ragini falls asleep after a while and Riddhima sees a glass of water next to the bed. She takes something out of her small bag and puts it into the drink maybe it transparent. It was just a sleeping pill to make sure she wouldn’t run. With that, she walks out and goes to join Vansh in the room.

The next morning…

Everyone is busy with decorations around the house when Vansh comes down. He sees the place decorated in red and yellow and smiles. Angad comes from behind him and pats him on the shoulder.

Angad: I never got the chance to thank you yesterday.

Vansh: When today is over, I will get your thanks. Just keep your promise.

Angad: I will.

He walks away to get ready.

In the other room, Ragini wakes up and sees the glass of water next to her. She drinks it and goes to the bathroom thinking to jump put the window when she gets the chance. After changing into her wedding lahenga she feels dizzy and falls asleep. Riddhima comes in and gets her to walk downstairs to the mandap. She sits her next to Angad and the wedding starts. The priest tells Dadi to tie the knot and to get them to stand up for pheres. They stand and make each other wear the flowers. Ragini is concious but not able to run or do anything so Riddhima walks up and helps her. After the pheres, Ragini wakes up and stares around her. She is shocked that she has got married and wanted to run but was not able to.

Pandit: Congratulations, you two are now husband and wife.

Angad puts mangalsutra on her neck and sindoor on her maang. She opens her ghumgat and stares at him.

Ragini with Angad walks to Riddhima and tries to strangle her.

Ragini: Riddhima! How could you?

Riddhima was struggling to breathe but Angad manages to pull Ragini away leaving Riddhima to fall on her knees on the floor. Vansh runs up to Riddhima and asks her if she was ok. He looks at Ragini and cannot contain his anger anymore.

Vansh: I have told you! You tried to kill Riddhima again.

Riddhima pulls him by the hand and tells him to control his anger. She wraps her hands around his waist and lays on him.

Vansh to Ragini: Get out of my sight

Angad pulls Ragini away and turns to Riddhima.

Angad: I am sorry from her side. I will keep her under my supervision, you don’t have to worry about her.

Ragini (thinking): I will see how you stop me. Riddhima start counting your days. I will not spare you.

Angad pulls Ragini: Come on, you have caused enough problems.

Everyone looks on as Angad pulls Ragini upstairs to the room and locks her in.

Back in the hall..

Riddhima walks to Dadi and she tells her that she is ready for her wedding too. Dadi tells her to get ready in her room while Vansh and the others wait here.

Riddhima goes upstairs. She passes Ragini’s room and sees her getting out the window. She shakes off her feeling and goes back to her room.

Meanwhile Ragini comes to the front of the house and tries to sneak into Riddhima’s room. She wanted to do the same thing as Riddhima did to her and thought of the best way to get in without seeing anyone. She spots an open window and goes in. Ragini walks to Riddhima’s room and sees her going to the bathroom. She slowly goes into her room and smiles.

Precap: Riddhima faints halfway through her wedding leaving everyone worried. Angad comes to Ragini and warns her to stay away from Riddhima. Vansh takes Riddhima to a nearby hall decorated with flowers and they get married without problems leaving everyone stunned.

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