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The episode starts with Riddhima getting out of the class after she has finished her session.

Before she could get out from the glass, the principle’s son has stopped her.

The principle’s son: Riddhima ma’am I’m sorry. Can you please give me a part from your time to apologize?

Riddhima stopped and she didn’t say a word because she was upset from what the student has done.

The principle’s son comes to her to face her.

Then he starts apologizing by putting his hands on his ears.

The principle’s son: I’m really sorry Riddhima ma’am. I know that what I have done is really a bad thing and I promise you that I will never repeat it once again.

She removes his hands from his ears so he could stop apologizing.

Riddhima: I’m not the one who you must apologize to as you must to apologize to your classmate for what you have done to him.

The principle’s son: I have apologized to him and he is now isn’t upset from me so you are now the only one who is upset from me and I decided that I will not leave the school without making you forgive me. You know how much I love you so much Riddhima ma’am as you aren’t just a teacher to me you are my role model and my inspiration. Actually, this isn’t my point of view only as the whole school have the same point view about you. So please forgive me this time.

Riddhima lay on her knees to be in the same height as the kid.

Riddhima: Look dear I have punished you not because I hate you or I don’t love you, I have punished you because you really have done a very wrong thing. You can’t raise your hand on anyone around you even if this person misbehaves with you. You could take your right from that person in a good way by telling what has happened to any elder one around you. You must never show your power on anyone around you. So please promise me that you will never repeat such a behavior like that and also promise me that you will be nice to all your classmates.

The principle’s son: I promise you Riddhima ma’am.

Riddhima: That’s my lovely boy.

The principle’s son: So you are now isn’t upset from me and you have accepted my apologize?

Riddhima: After you have promised me that you will not repeat that behavior again, so of course I will not be upset from you. You have apologized with a pure heart so I have accepted your apologize.

He hugged her.

The principle’s son: Thank you ma’am. I really love you so much.

Riddhima: I love you too dear

Before the kid has leaved, he gives Riddhima a flower to express to her how his apology is pure.

The principle’s son: This flower is a try from me to express to you how much I love you so much and how I really apologize for what I have done.

Riddhima got very emotional from the child’s attitude.

Riddhima: Thank you dear.

After the child has left, Riddhima was still looking at the flower and she was very happy.

She always got very amazed from the kids’ behavior.

She is always impressed from how the children’s actions and attitudes are unexpected and express how they own a pure heart.

Riddhima to herself: I always got very emotional from the unexpected actions that the kids are doing it so that’s why I always enjoy teaching to the young age because they are  really very pure and they still didn’t learn how to lie. Their love and apology are really pure like them. Everyday I became more sure that my decision to be a teacher was the best decision ever.

Afterwards, Riddhima has left the school after she has finished her sessions.

Then Ragini followed her to go with her back to home.

Ragini: Wait Riddhima as I also has finished my sessions so we could arrive together especially that we are living in the same town.

Riddhima: Okay let’s go.

Riddhima and Ragini have taken an auto to arrive them to their town.

During their ride, Ragini was trying to start any conversation with Riddhima.

Ragini wasn’t able to form any friendship because she isn’t a sociable girl who doesn’t know how to start a conversation with people so people always neglect her because she isn’t able to express what she feels.

She becomes brave and she decided to start the conversation with Riddhima.

Ragini: What you will do when you will arrive back to your house?

Riddhima: I will take some rest and I will take a shower and exchange my clothes as after 3 hours I have an appointment with the gang. You know them right?

Ragini: Yes. I always see you all together and I got really inspired from the bond that is between the 4 of you.

Riddhima: I feel very comfortable when I’m with my gang so much. You know Ragini that this gang didn’t completed until Vansh has entered our lives.

Ragini: Do you mean because you and your brother Kabir were already knowing Angre because he was Kabir’s best friend since they were together in the same school and Vansh was the only member in the gang that has came at the end?

Riddhima: Yes. I can observe that you have a sharp sight as you can observe everything.

Ragini: That’s why I’m a math teacher as I concentrate in everything. Actually, this is my only habit as I don’t have friends they are all just mates so I spend the most of my time watching everything around me without interacting with anything or anyone.

Riddhima has observed how Ragini is very introvert person, but she didn’t liked to talk with her about that to not disturb her especially that they are not a close friends.

Regardless of Ragini’s loneliness, but Riddhima really enjoyed talking with her as she observed how Ragini is a sweet girl.

Ragini: So tell me Riddhima which one is the closest one to you in the gang?

Riddhima: Of course Vansh as he is my best best friend. He knows everything about me more even more than that my brother has known about me. Regardless that he has just included in our gang from 2 years after Angre has worked with him in Vansh’s company and then he introduced him to us, but he really got very very close to us especially to me.

Ragini was enjoying her time with Riddhima.

She was wanting to complete this conversation and know more things about Riddhima and the gang members, but unfortunately they have reached to their town.

Riddhima: Finally, we have reached to the town. I have really enjoyed talking to you Ragini dear.

Ragini: I also enjoyed talking to you so much.

Riddhima: See you tomorrow at school. Bye.

Ragini: Bye Riddhima.

At the same time, Vansh and Angre have finished organizing the party.

Angre: The party was perfect as usual.

Vansh: Of course Angre. You know that the party that Vansh Rai Singhania is organizing it will always be perfect and special.

Angre: Of course boss.

Vansh: So we still have 3 hours left for our appointment with the gang so we could go to our home to freshen and be ready for the gang time.

Angre: Okay. So I will meet you at 7 pm.

Vansh: See you there Angre and please don’t be late.

Angre: Okay boss. Bye.

Vansh: Bye Angre.

Vansh takes his car and starts driving to his way to VR mansion.

He wasn’t believing how his attitude got really changed during those previous years since the day he entered this gang.

Vansh to himself: I will always be grateful for Angre for making me joined this lovely gang. I have been changed a lot during the 2 years that I have been on that gang. I didn’t imagine that I will be that comfortable with anyone. I didn’t imagine that I will be very excited to meet anyone like I’m always excited when I have an appointment with the gang. I’m really grateful for Angre that he made me meet Riddhima as she is now the only best friend to me and she is the most closest person to me in this gang. I got really changed when Riddhima has entered my life and she became my best friend.

At that moment, he decided to call Riddhima.

She was eating her food when her mobile rings.

Chanchel: Riddhima dear your mobile is ringing.

Riddhima: Mom is this person is Vansh right?

Chanchel: Yes, but how you know that?

Riddhima: As he always immediately call me when he finish any party he has done.

Chanchel: You both always impress me with how your friendship is very strong.

Riddhima smiles.

Then Chanchel gives Riddhima the mobile.

Riddhima: Hello Mr. organizer. Tell me how was the party that you have organized it today?

Vansh: I think that after knowing me during those 2 years you don’t need to ask me this question as of course you know that the party that I have organized will always go well.

Riddhima: You are right I don’t have to ask this question as my best friend doesn’t enter anything without succeeding on it with 100%.

Vansh: Of course. So tell me how was your day?

Riddhima has told him what has happened with the principle’s son and how she was very brave as always.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! How a coincidence?! Do you know that I also today has passed through a situation related to the brave quality?

Riddhima: Really?! How? Tell me what has happened.

Vansh starts telling Riddhima what has happened with the girl that he has fired her.

Riddhima: You have fired her Vansh?!

Vansh: Don’t worry as Angre has prepared to her another job without making her know that I’m the one who is behind it. I can’t make her and her family suffer from any financial problems, but at the same time you know that I will can’t tolerate people who are coward and aren’t brave.

Riddhima: You will never stop surprising me with your unexpected attitudes and behaviors?!

Vansh: And how I will be Vansh Rai Singhania if I stopped doing that?! You know I really got disturbed when I fired the girl, but I got disturbed more when I found that there is a person who is that coward like that!

Riddhima: You will not meet a lot of people who are brave as they are really rare.

Vansh: You are right Riddhima. The brave people are really rare and I don’t know the reason behind that as always saying the truth is the direct way to reach to anything that you want.

Riddhima got very surprised when she has heard the same dialogue that she has said to herself, but now it is coming from Vansh’s mouth.

Riddhima was silent due to her surprise.

Vansh: Hello! Why you have been that silent?! I don’t get used of you being that quiet!

Riddhima: I’m just surprised from what you have said.

Vansh: Why?

Riddhima: As I was saying the same dialogue that you were saying to myself! I have said to myself exactly the words that you have said it! I really got very surprised and amazed of how we are thinking with the same way and saying the same words!

Vansh: That’s why we are very close to each others.

Riddhima: You are right. I didn’t believe that I would have that best friend who knows everything about me and share the thoughts that I’m owing.

Vansh and Riddhima were happy from how their friendship is very strong and unique.

They were smiling while they were talking about different things.

Then they decided to end the call.

Riddhima: I have to end the call now to go to get ready as you know how much my best friend is really strict and if I got late he will be very nervous.

Vansh: A nice thing that you know that.

Riddhima: Of course.

Vansh: See you at 7 pm Riddu.

Riddhima: See you too Mr. organizer. Bye.

Vansh: Bye Riddhima.

After they ended the call, Vansh kept driving to his way to his house.

While Riddhima has texted Aryan when he didn’t answered her call.

Riddhima: Good evening baby. I have called you, but you haven’t picked up the phone. So please when you see my message call me. I just wanted to tell you that I will meet my gang at 7 pm so I could not be able to answer your calls if you called me at that time as you know that we always switched off our mobiles when we are together to not make anything disturbs us. I hope that you see my message before 7 pm so we could talk awhile together as I have missed you so much. Take care of yourself. Love you Aryan.

She ended the message with a heart and a kiss emoji.

Riddhima to herself: I don’t know why I’m always feeling that there is something missing in my relationship with Aryan. I really loves him and I know that he loves me, but still there is something that isn’t going the way I want. Every time I think about the idea of marriage, I don’t feel comfortable to discuss it with Aryan. It has been 3 years since Aryan and I are in a relationship and we still didn’t discussed with each other about getting married. I just hope that he could be responsible so he could discuss the marriage idea with me and I hope when that day comes I could be ready for that marriage.

The end of the episode. I hope you like it and don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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