Karanvir Bohra shares first pic of daughter Gia Vanessa Snow’s face, her name’s meaning | see pics


Karanvir Bohra shares the first pic of daughter Gia Vanessa Snow’s face, her name’s meaning | see pics

Television’s popular actor Karanvir Bohra surprised her fans with an adorable picture of his newborn on Valentine’s day. Karanvir shared a black and white picture of him holding his daughter in his arms. He also revealed the name of the baby girl, Gia Vanessa Snow. He captioned the picture, “Meet my new #valentine. @snowflake282219 isn’t she something…. all of us is all your love #omnamoshivaya. Gia= Mother Earth (mata parvati ka roop). Vanessa= god of love. Snow= with love from her sisters.”

Karanvir’s wife, actor Teejay Sidhu, also posted an adorable photo of their daughter on Instagram. “Happy Feb 14th to our little Valentine.. GIA VANESSA SNOW.. the one who reminds us every day what pure #love is.. the one whose name revolves around love itself.. Gia, meaning #heart.. Vanessa from Latin, meaning ‘of Venus, the God of love’.. and Snow because her two older sisters named her that, much before we decided on a name!! (And what a coincidence, it snowed today on #ValentinesDay!) May you spread sunshine everywhere you go, little one.. You are so so precious,” she wrote.

Karanvir and Teejay also created an Instagram account for their daughter, Gia Vanessa Snow. A picture of Karanvir holding the bay is shared on the page with a capton, “Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m Gia Vanessa Snow, but everyone calls me Vanessa. 🙂 I’m new to the world. And I must say, the view looks pretty great from up here! Oh, and that’s my dad @karanvirbohra.”

Karanvir and his wife Teejay Sidhu are also proud parents to four-year-old twin girls, Bella and Vienna. Earlier, Karanvir shared a bunch of videos of his daughters. 

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