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Kuch Toh Hai 14th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rehaan asking Priya to become his girlfriend, who is always possessive about him, is with him always and can’t bear to see me with someone else. She says I am ready to act to your girlfriend, but you will not touch me and will not cross the line. They dance in the party. Aaja Aaja tu aaja mere Mahi plays…..

24 hours before:

Rehaan looks at Priya as she comes infront of him. She eat grapes and acts like him. He smiles and gives her tissue paper, to wipe the juice from under her lips. He asks her to take training from him, if she wants to show attitude. Priya talks to Mrs. Khurana and says Warden Mom used to say this. She takes the plate to serve everyone. Mohit looks at her. Mr. Khurana asks Rehaan to eat something. Soumya thinks he don’t eat what humans eat. He thinks he was acting to eat grapes and tries to go from there. Shashank says today’s kids have the protein shake etc. Mr. Khurana asks Priya to go and give him something. Priya comes to him and asks him to eat. He says you was not here. She says I was here only. She asks him to eat or not. He runs from there at a fast speed and hangs on to the tree, thinks what is in her? Swati comes there and tells that Rehaan is strange. Mini says he is her brother and good at heart, although she badmouths about him. Shashank tells that they will leave. Pam asks about Rehaan. Soumya says he has left, you didn’t notice. Rehaan goes out in the jeep and comes to the tree, where the number was written on the paper, but it was torn. He thinks who has torn it. Priya returns wallet to Pam. Pam says she likes their tenant. Mrs. Khurana looks at Priya.

Mrs. Khurana comes to the haveli and removes the black veil. She talks to someone in the water and tells that last year, she had sent Rehaan 5 years back, had managed to convince Pam and her husband to send him back. She thinks why nobody is listening to her. She says Rehaan came here for something. She says that girl came here and she never thought that she will come. Priya is going out and hears Swati talking to Arnav and telling about coordinating their mehendi clothes. Priya talks to her and tells that she heard her and will be comfortable when she gives them rent. Swati asks shall I help you to get a job. Priya says she will try by herself. Mrs. Khurana tells that he will become Aadishaat very soon and that day is very near. Rehaan roars like Dracula in the jungle and says who am I? why I am like this, why even the animals gets scared seeing me, says from whom I got these powers and says whose curse is this? Mini and Aaro come to the secret place to search about the ghost. He thinks my human family loves me a lot, but they are not my family and says who am I? Priya is on her pink cycle and foresees Mini and Aaro’s secret place. She comes to the jungle and sees Rehaan standing. She thinks who is he? He goes and sits in his jeep. Priya finds the animals coming back to the trees and thinks if this is happening due to this guy. She says I have to go and search the job.

Mrs. Khurana says I am alone, what I will do. That date 31321 is coming near. Mini and Aaro find a paper. Rehaan comes home and thinks what is happening with me, who was that man and how did he become snake? He thinks to find out. Pam calls him and says they are fixing the date. Mrs. Khurana tells that either that girl will kill AadiShaat or that AadiShaat will kill her. She says I know their destiny are related, but for now they shall not come together. She says I can something for Priya. She thinks to keep them far from each other, thinks to send Priya somewhere from very far and nobody will know where did she go? Rehaan thinks where did that girl go, she wanted to catch my speed with her bicycle, foolish. Suddenly Priya comes infront of him while riding on her cycle and falls down on the road, as his jeep hits her cycle. He gets down and asks how did you come here, so soon? She says she is 21st century girl and scolds him. He says I was driving fast and took time to put on the brakes. She refuses and thinks let him think that she is helpless girl and asks him to stop. Rehaan takes her broken cycle in his jeep and asks her to be silent. Mrs. Khurana keeps her hoodie veil black clothes somewhere and comes home. She asks Swati about Priya. Priya says she went out. Mrs. Khurana looks at them from the window as they come home. Rehaan takes out her cycle from his jeep. She says you are not that bad. He says he was saving the animals from her cycle sound. She says you are an animal and her dupatta gets stuck in his jeep. Rehaan tries to take it out and it catches fire and starts burning. Rehaan takes out the stuck burning dupatta. She asks what was it? He says jeep is old, so must have sparked. He comes near her and asks her not to think of him.

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