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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with a Krishna asking customer is the color of sraee okay, Sarita says no she wants darker color of purple, Krishna says she has shown all available shades, Sarita says I have Bharatnatyam performance of my daughter tomorrow and I wanted to wear matching Saree with her dress, Saritas Friend says she knows one more shop lets go there, Pallavi stops them and says you are in Deshmukh Saree Emporium why will you go somewhere else just check this shade, Sarita likes it says its perfect, and asks to pack it, Pallavi introduces herself as Pallavi Deshmukh and she is Maharashtrian and from Kolhapur her father worked here in Hyderabad and this Saree was home in new stock and so I went back and got it and my father always says customer satisfaction is everything and Sarees are sign of Indian culture, Sarita says so nice thought, and wishes Pallavi good luck.

Pallavi and Krishna see weather is rainy, Krishna says such weathers bring happiness and may be you or on list. It starts raining Pallavi rushes out. Krishna gets a call from Sharda, Krishna says Sharda aunty called and its very rainy you wont get auto to go home so lets go my home and later you go yours. Krishnas Amma seeing them wet asks them to dry themselves, Krishna goes to change and Krishnas Amma gives Pallavi white saree to change, Pallavi gets shocked, Krishnas Amma says I dont think you should have problem with this saree and by wearing colorful saree dont make fun of rituals as you are a widow, you think your husband will comeback after wearing colorful saree and you widows need to accept rituals, Krishna listens to them and apologize to Pallavi, Pallavi says she isnt wrong and ahe is elder that won’t make me any small she is saying this for my own good, and I am wearing this white saree not for my husbands death and aunty I wear colorful saree because I have my own reasons and no intentions to hurt you, Pallavi wears saree and and says it has stopped raining I shoukf leave and Krishna I will be late tomorrow as there is Loom Pooja. Pallavi leaves, Krishna prays to god to bring happiness back in Pallavis life.

Driver with Raghav and his friend, she says you are so hot, he says I wish I could say the same, she asks what do you mean, Raghav says you are with me in my favourite car whoes value is more than you and that should be enough for you, she says I am fan of this attitude of yours.

A smalls girl rushes to Pallavi to sell sindoor and stops, Pallavi asks what are you selling, Raghav Raos car breakdown near them, the little girl rushes to his car and asks him to buy her sindoor and he will find a very nice girl, Raghav buys it and gives her 500₹, and says go home and sleep now.
Girl with Raghav thinks he bought it for her, Raghav and marriage is no combination and I stay with girls upto a limit and about Sindoor I bought it for that Kid as I can’t see kids sad, Raghavs driver says car ks good to go, Raghav throughs sindoor and it falls on Pallavi, he leaves and his car throughs mud on her.

Pallavi reaches home hopping no one sees her, lights get switched on and Sharda walks to her and asks what all is this, look at you and is this time to come home and this way, Pallavi says I got wet and then Krishna’s mother gave me this saree, Sharda says I told you so many times I hate this color and how dare you and how dare Anuradha, remove Krishna from her job as her family doesn’t respect you, Pallavi says what is Krishnas mistake and she gave me because I am widow, Sharda says enough I don’t believe these rituals, Pallavi snatches and runs around, Sharda follows gets tired and says sorry, Pallavi says let me get you water, Sharda says no daughter in law has ever heard to her mother in law.

Raghavs girl tells him that she has night permission and can stay with him tonight,and she loves him, Raghav says dont insult Love by calling this hook up a love, love is very dangerous and kills people who get to know love, She calls Raghav disgusting, Raghav says no I am rich and you were ready to spend night with me for this money so now get out.

Pallavi walks to Sharda and says you called me daughter in law, Pallavi says correct also no in laws like window so let me leave, Sharda says dont call yourself widow, Pallavi says dont call me daughter in law then or else I will trouble you a lot and you know you are greater than my mother to me, you accepted me after your son’s death and because of you I can live with respect, Sharda apologize to Pallavi, Pallavi smiles, Sharda says you look so pretty when you smile.

Raghav sees a girl and asks driver to follow her, he asks her to sit in car, she says I can go on my own,Raghav says dont argue and gets out if car and forces her to sit in car, few men come there in a jeep.

Sharda asks Pallavi who did this to you, Pallavi says may be some spoilt brat and he didn’t even come to say sorry, Sharda says I wish there was some good handsome boy, I want you to move on, Pallavi says I am happy where I am.

Men asks Raghav to leave the girl, they want her Raghav warns them to leave and not mess with him, one of them attacks Raghav, Raghav says its my promise that will hit you till you all faint.

Pallavi asls Sharda to go sleep and she will wash saree as she has to return and leaves, Sharda says love finds it way and I can see in Pallavis eyes how much she misses Mandar, so I will find her a groom who will love her a lot.

Raghav gets into fight. Pallavi washing saree says there is no room for red color in my life, she tries hard but color doesnt go off the saree.
Raghav reaches home and make himself a drink.

Pre cap : Pallavi calls Raghav and says I am trying to call you past 3 days.
Pallavi makes a video of a man troubling a girl and says now girls don’t keep shut they answer back. The man is Raghava brother and he tells him about video.
Raghav and Pallavi get in argument.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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