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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya hearing Anokhi’s words. She says Shaan said that he will take action, he is with us. He says its time, this needs to end. Tej says we shouldn’t be late in such cases, why didn’t Pratap come. Pratap comes and says sorry, there was much traffic on the way. Anokhi comes to Shaurya’s cabin.

She says I won’t take the complaint back. He says you think I m a villain of bollywood movie, we were against before, we are together in this matter. Tej asks Pratap to make his son apologize to that girl. Pratap says he won’t apologize, is there any proof against him. Shaan argues with him. Shaurya says I don’t want anything wrong to happen, you can’t proof that blame until you have a proper proof, you don’t have it. She asks do you mean to say I m wrong. He says no, you can justify when you have a proof. She says fine, when I file a complaint in police station, truth will be out. He says we can solve this case without going to police. She asks why. He smiles.

Tej calms down Shaan and Pratap. Tej says Anokhi said she will take Anmol’s name in the media, things will spoil then. Shaurya asks what if Anmol accepts his crime, you will make him admit, I will help you, I know you are doing this for your respect, I want to do this for SIAC reputation. She asks how will this happen. Alok says matter can go out of hands, do you understand. Pratap sits back. Shaurya says matter went out of hands because of press conference. Anmol says its because of Anokhi. Shaurya says we have to prove the blame baseless. Anmol says yes, AA doesn’t talk to such losers, she is making stories. Shaurya says its okay, I understand, sit, we won’t know your point of view, tell me what happened. Anmol says we were sitting in the canteen, she said she wants to befriend us. Shaurya starts questioning him. Anmol says I told her that I m not interested to befriend girls. Shaurya says its wrong, your group also has girls. Anmol says they are of our standards, like Kitty and Bebo, we don’t talk to such girls. Shaurya says but you said you wanted to befriend her. Anmol says yes. Shaurya says that’s right, sit, tell me what happened. Pratap says we are giving donation to your college since years. Tej gets a call from education minister. Minister asks did you suspend that guy. Tej says no. Minister says you should know the protocols, maybe that guy is a VIP’s son, so you didn’t take action, leave personal relations and think of college reputation. Tej says don’t worry, I will solve this matter and update you. He worries.

Anmol says we stayed in the classroom after lecture. Shaurya asks why. Anmol says she stopped me to get notes, I was finding notes on my laptop, she hugged me. Shaurya asks really. Anmol says I asked her to get off. Shaurya asks were Bebo and Kitty there. Anmol says yes, they had seen when she touched me. Shaurya says I heard you pinched on her waist. Anmol says no, I just held her. Shaurya sees Anmol. Tej says he said he will cancel our college license, matter isn’t in our hands. Pratap gets angry and says you are sacrificing my son’s future, I won’t give any funds. Shaan says our college doesn’t run on your donation, you came to us to get tax rebate, we don’t need your donation.

Shaurya says she said you snatched her money. Anmol says she just had 100rs. Shaurya asks how do you know it. Anmol says when Bebo and Kitty snatched her bag, then we had seen it. Anokhi says he just said that I threw my bag in the dust bin. Shaurya confuses him with questions. Anmol says she asked me if I kissed anyone before, I said never, she said she will teach me. Anokhi says he asked me to lick the floor. Anmol says Bebo said that, I told her that I will teach her to kiss. Shaurya asks what did she do. She says I slapped him. Anmol says yes, she slapped me. Shaurya says she wanted to kiss you or slap you, what happened when you tried to kiss her. Anokhi says no, he kissed me. Anmol says no, I was going to kiss and she slapped me. Shaurya and Anokhi smile. Shaurya says whatever I asked now, you will answer me the truth. Pratap says you can’t do this when you have no proof. Shaurya comes and says there is a proof. He gets Anmol, Kitty, Bebo and the entire girl. Anokhi also comes.

Shaurya says your son has accepted his crime. He plays the recording. Anmol confesses their crime of ragging Anokhi. He says we troubled her a lot, I tried to kiss her, she slapped me, we locked her in the classroom, threw her stuff in the dustbin and left from there. Tej asks Pratap what shall we do now, Shaurya we have to rusticate Anmol, Kitty, Beboand gang will get suspended for a month, get a written apology from them. He asks Alok to ask Mehra to make a report of these updates and sent it to ministry. Anmol says you can’t do that.

Pratap slaps him. He says if you take such character certificate, where will you get admission, your dream of going abroad will break. Anokhi says I want to say something, I didn’t come here to ruin someone’s career, but to make my career, if they promise that they won’t trouble anyone, then don’t suspend them, I wanted to prove that I m not wrong. Shaan says its a protocol, they have to give you a written apology. She says I will also give it in written that I have forgiven them, no need to rusticate them. Pratap thanks her. Shaurya says reports and written apology are fine, it will take time, we can give a verbal apology, right. Shaan says yes, they have troubled Anokhi a lot. Pratap asks Anmol to apologize. Alok asks Kitty and Bebo to apologize. They say sorry Anokhi. Anokhi says its okay. Shaan says Anokhi should get a copy of written apology. Tej says she will get it with reports’ copy to show in the press conference. Anokhi asks why. Tej says our college reputation is much hurt, this time we will call the press conference but they will want to talk to you. She says I got justice, I will not name the students and drag the matter. Tej says amazing. Shaurya says I have some work, I should leave. He leaves. Anokhi looks on.

Aastha is hospitalized. Shaurya argues with her. Shaan worries for Aastha. Shaurya says I don’t regard you as my mum, why did you come back in our life. Anokhi looks on and says Shaurya is Aastha’s son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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