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Brahmarakshas 2 20th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having food at the dining table. Minty comes there and asks Angad to have kachori. Robin asks Minty to give bro’s kachori to him and tells that he just has punishment which he sets himself. Angad asks her to give the kachori. Robin gets happy and asks her to give kachori to bro, before he changes his mind. He says bro is changed since his visit to Delhi. He says he will search Chatak Chorni for him, as she brought the change in him. The goons have kidnapped Chandini and kept her captive in a factory. A goon calls Robin and tells that Kalindi is alive. Kalindi says she is fair like Chandini. Robin hears Chicken sound and thinks it was a fake call. Meanwhile a black smoke comes in the restaurant and makes all the people vanish/kill them. Sona comes to Chandini and frees her hand. Brahmarakshas is there. Just then a goon throws something on Chandini, and she catches it, her hand gets injured. The goons tell her that the family is refusing to believe that she is alive and asks her to tell that she is alive. She agrees for Sona’s safety. Just then she sees Brahmarakshas behind her and gets shocked. The goon tries to shoot at him, but Brahmarakshas hits the goon. Sona asks Chandini to run. Brahmarakshas holds Chandini’s injured palm and feels burning sensation in his body. He leaves her hand. Chandini and Sona run from there and reaches the same temple where Kalindi had gone. Chandini tells Sona that she didn’t know that she will come to temple this way and throws something on brahmarakshas to make him go. Brahmarakshas couldn’t enter the temple and go. The people of Ambala watches Brahmarakshas’s terror on the road.

Angad thinks he knows that Brahmarakshas will come back and thinks he will kill him, due to whom Kalindi is gone. Robin comes to the factory and finds the injured goon, who shows Chandini’s face. Robin thinks Kalindi is alive. Chandini walks inside the temple and finds Guru maa sitting and doing puja. Guru maa opens her eyes and looks at her shockingly. She says you shouldn’t have come here.

Kalindi is shown captive somewhere and gets up from sleep. Chandini says what are you saying? She asks her to continue her puja and goes. Kalindi tries to run away, when some persons catch her thinking she is Chatak Chorni. The Police man comes there and tells that he has caught her 6 months back. She says I am not Chatak Chorni. He asks her not to fool him and says he is Inspector Yuvi. He arrests Kalindi.

Robin and a friend come to Angad and asks him to come to the club. Minty convinces him. Angad asks what is the club name? Prithvi tells that today Angad’s freedom will be snatched. He says if Sid comes then our work will be done and calls him useless. Sid comes there and refuses to do their work, as they think him useless. Prithvi says your wife Sakshi is going to this Jodi club. Sid gives him some powder. Prithvi says we shall go and help Minty.

Robin and Ishaan are in the Jodi lovers’ club. Chandini and Sona do the touch up of their make up. Robin is busy with the arrangements. Sona tells that her hand gets twisted locking bartender inside. Chandini says he was so fat, recalls locking them in the room. Sona asks why are we working hard to get a job in this club. Chandini says she has to woo the guys and the temple owners and the club owners are the two hot boys. She says she had seen the jewellery on the idol when they were running from brahmarakshas. She sits on someone’s bike and goes. Angad realizes she is the Viper and goes behind her on another bike. Sona comes to the club and tells that she came for the job of bartender. Ishaan gives her job.

Angad is following the viper Chandini on his bike. Chandini is riding on the bike, when Brahmarakshas comes infront of her and holds her. Angad comes there and slides down from the bike. The bike hits Brahmarakshas and he drops chandini down. Angad jumps and falls down from the cliff with Chandini. He sees her face and gets surprised, while they are falling down. Galiyan song….He smiles looking at her. They fall in the grass. He says Kalindi you are alive. Chandini says not again and goes.

Prithvi and Shalini come to Minty while she is packing tiffins for the club staff and offers help. Minty says she will do herself. Shalini asks Prithvi to leave. Prithvi says it is our duty to work. Shalini sends Minty out and adds something in the food.

Inspector Yuvi tells kalindi that he knows that she is a Viper, but passes lie detector test every month, how? She says she don’t lie, she don’t know who is she. She says she just remembers Ambala, and Devimaa’s idol with jewellery. Just then constable comes there and tells that narcotics deal is going to happen in a club in Ambala. Inspector tells Kalindi that they shall go to Ambala and tells that he will follow her.

Angad calls her Kalindi, but Chandini says that she is not Kalindi. He says we were about to marry when you fell down from the cliff. She thinks to trap him and tells that she might have memory loss, as she forgot all that and if he stresses her mind then it may blast. Angad calls Robin and tells that he got the biggest surprise of his life and is happy. He says he will come there. He sits on the bike. Chandini sits behind him. He recalls how Kalindi used to hold him, while he was riding the bike. Robin tells Ishaan that bro was very happy and he should have hear her voice. Angad comes there with Chandini. Robin says Bhabs…

Inspector brings blindfolded Kalindi to Ambala and asks her to look at the temple which is faraway. Kalindi says I have some connection with it, but can’t remember. He asks her to stare all night and say. Robin asks Angad if he is thinking she is bhabs or not, but she is bhabs. Angad says her photo is in my mind, her face resembles Kalindi, but she is opposite of her. He says she is Viper. Robin asks what. Angad says I can’t agree that she is alive. Robin says look at her, she is your Kalindi. Angad says Kalindi didn’t hold cocktail glass and this girl is drinking mocktail. Robin asks Angad to convince his heart that she is Kalindi and asks him to be here. Prithvi calls Ambala Police and tells that there is special VIP guest in the Club. He tells Shalini that reverse count starts now for Angad.

Kalindi says she is very tired. Inspector says you can’t move from here until you tell me something. Constable comes there and tells that Narcotics deal is happening in the Club. Inspector says he will go there.

Angad tells Chandini that he has ordered Pani Puri for her and reminds her that they had gone to have it on the stall with Madam. She says she remembers the taste too. She sees Whisky and gives looks as she wants to have it. Angad says he didn’t drink since 2 years. She thinks her fake boyfriend is boring. Inspector asks Kalindi to tell what is her plan, why she brought him here. Just then Kalindi sees Brahmarakshas behind him and asks him to turn. She faints. Brahmarakshas holds Inspector and takes him away from there. Kalindi is still unconscious.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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