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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo coming to happu. She tells him that Mausi is coming here. Happu says if she is that mausi who made me wear money garland. Rajjo says yes. Happu says I don’t want her to be here as she insulted us during our reception. Rajjo asks him to forget it all and says please. Happu says no. Kat says Mausi will stay here for some days and then will go, asks him to adjust for some days. Happu says he don’t want to watch her witched face. Rajjo beats him and goes.

Beni dreams about Vimlesh when a part of the roof falls on his head. He wakes up and runs out. Happu asks Beni to get the roof repaired and not to be miser. Beni says he has short of money as he transferred money to Nargis Mausi. Happu asks how you will manage after Vimlesh comes. Beni says he will make the house as Palace. Contractor checks the house and tells that it will take time to repair, if he stays inside, then roof can fall down on him. Beni asks Happu to drop him in the hotel or lodge. Happu says I am feeling bad, you can stay in my heart and home. Beni says I love you like Rajesh used to say. Happu laughs.

Happu tells his kids that Beni uncle came and will fulfill your needs. The kids ask for the things. Happu scolds them. Rajjo taunts him for coming to their place. Beni says he wanted to go to hotel, but…Happu brought him here. Amma comes there and asks beni what happened? Beni says everything. Amma tells that happu has done good. Happu asks Rajjo to take care of Beni and asks what he would like to have. Beni says Matar pulao, Aloo Gobi and green chutney. Ranbir asks him to tell what he wants to have in sweets. Beni says gajar ka halwa. Amma says Rajjo will make nice food. Rajjo whispers something in Happu’s ears. He goes behind her. Rajjo says this is not hotel or charitable trust. She asks him to send Beni back. Happu says Beni will feel bad and says his BP will get low. Rajjo says your friend told so many dishes. Happu says he told just 4-5 items. Rajjo refuses to fulfill his demand. Happu says he demanded thinking this is his house. Rajjo says I will make food, but I have a condition that if my Mausi wants to come again then you shall let her to stay here, for a week, month or year. Happu agrees. Beni likes the food made by Rajjo. He tells the kids that we shall be thankful to the farmers. Amma says they are like God. Happu asks the kids to learn. Rajjo brings halwa. Beni jokes. Everyone likes the halwa made by Rajjo. Beni says dry fruits are less and it is cold. He says food was good. He points out how the food should be. He then asks her to make something in dinner. Rajjo gives a scary look.

Later Happu and Beni drink sitting on the stairs. The kids laugh. Happu calls them and asks why did they laugh? Beni tells the sayings and asks them to go and sleep.

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