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Maya reaches her house by night.

She knocks the door and wait.

Someone:Hai Maya…

Maya turns and stands shocked.

It’s arjun standing smiling.


Dr: Maya is having some fractures and injuries. But Arjun is in a vegetative state matlab Coma. Let me be frank, we can’t say when will he be back as he was.

Ashwin decides not to reveal it to Maya as she may not be able to move on and there is no guarantee for Arjun to come back.

Back to reality…

Sanjh(Arjun’s sister):it seems like you are so have got what you want!

Ashwin:Maya, to make your future secured, we have to do it. If you think I am wrong, forgive me.

Saanjh: go for walk, we will decide about wedding after you two return,

They walk and get into the lift, as soon as lift wall closes.

Arjun hugs her.

Arjun:how dare you Maya? How did you manage without me? Did you try to forget me? Have you already forgotten me? If your answer is yes, everything you thought all these days will come true. But I know that you would never forget me.

Maya sobs helpless.

Aditya is dancing happily…

Maya calls him crying.

Adi:why did you switch off your phone? I have been trying since hours. If you dare to switch off again,I will kill you and go to jail.

Maya:Go ahead,I will be thankful to you.

Adi:Are you crying? Did father scold you?

Maya:He didn’t!

Adi:tell me. I can’t take the silence.

Maya:Adi… Arjun.

Aditya gets shocked. He hears her out.

Aditya:life is indeed full of surprises and miracles. So what have you decided?

Maya:you have asked me to call if I need help!

Adi:give me five minutes. I will call you back.

After five minutes,

Adi:No, Maya , I can’t imagine my life without you. I will go crazy without you. I will come there as soon as possible and tell everything about us to Arjun. I will bring you back and we will get married. Be ready for everything.

Maya is shocked. Silence for sometimes….

Adi:I really wish to tell you all this and do as I said. If I do this, then my mom will regret saying my son turned so selfish,I didn’t bring him up well. That will hurt me more than the pain of losing you. I don’t want that.

Maya silently cries…

Aditya wipes his tears.

Adi:Now listen don’t worry about me. Don’t feel guilty thinking you cheated me. Marry Arjun and have a happy life…

Maya weeps.

Adi:I need a help too. Will you please remove this SIM card ? Don’t use it again,

Maya: does it mean that this is our last conversation?

Adi:it’s not like that . please remove it. Lead a happy life. All the best. Bye.


Both doesn’t hang up and are teary eyed.

Adi:I can still hear your breathing, Ms. Maya mal hot!

Maya cries… both are in pain.

Adi passes his days reminiscing memories with Maya.

Adi goes back to his house as he thought he may find peace in his mother…

Mom:it has been so long since all this happened? You never thought of telling me!

Adi: lakki, isn’t it better to allow dust to enter only one eye instead of two? Why should you suffer over here?I thought I will forget her.

Mom:but you are not able to!


Mom: now you are with me. Things will get better. I am very proud to call you my son.

Adi:why so?

Mom:because my son selflessly let go of Maya. You didn’t do injustice to Arjun.

Adi:do you know how I felt after saying that? It felt like thousand men stabbed me all over. Seems love is the root cause of excessive happiness and extreme pain for a human.

Mom:what should I say? You know everything!

She walks away leaving him alone for a while…

Kusum calls him.

Kusum: hello,do you remember me?

Adi:yes, we have met each other.

Kusum: are you good?

Adi: perfectly alright!

Kusum:I called to ask you if you are joining us today, we are heading to Mumbai.

Adi: for what?

Kusum: for Maya’s wedding!

Adi:is Maya getting married?

Kusum:yeah, she told that she has invited you first.

Adi: I forgot it!

Kusum: are you coming?

Adi:send me the details, please I will join late.

Kusum: okay, make sure you come. They will leave to Singapore on the same day of wedding.

Adi: yes.. I will come…

Thank you shesha,jasminerahul, kifu, aftauing and all silent readers…

There is three innocent souls, who is going to be with Maya? Any guesses!!?

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