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Qurbaan Hua 22nd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat and Neel both are separated, and they threaten to not leave Chahat after that a woman hits her in the leg with a stick which is when the people also say how they should beat them however are stopped when AlakhNanda comes with a weapon.

AlakhNanda comes saying how she should take the parcel as it is in English and she cannot read it, Neel then brings the id for her, Chahat is about to take it when Godambari snatches it from her saying how she should not take the parcel as it belongs to their family, Godambari takes it in the house, Neel is about to go after her however Chahat stops him and leaves, Naveli seeing Godambari with the parcel is worried and thinks of what would happen to her plan.

AlakhNanda then comes inside the house asking Godamabari why did she snatch the parcel from Chahat as it doesnot belong to her and the act is done by monkeys, Godambari exclaims how it belongs to their family which is when AlakhNanda snatches it from her, she starts running in the house asking Godambari to catch her if she can, they both then struggle for the parcel when Naveli comes saying how she ordered the parcel, both of them leave so Naveli thinks how she knows where to place the doll so that it ends with Chahat and Neel, she places the doll beside Kripa after sneaking into the room and thinks how someone would come to check on Kripa when she starts crying and then they would realize that Baleq is the actual killer of Saraswathi.

Chahat orders the nurse to go and check the patient of bed number ten, she starts stumbling so the nurse asks if she is alright, Chahat explains how she is fine so sending the nurse, Neel comes asking her to come with him as a patient is critically ill they both go to check on the patient however he is shocked to find the empty bed, she realizes how Neel has decorated the room, she asks who is the patient when Neel says how there is a patient who doesnot care for her health, he places her on the bed asking her to sleep however she says how she comes to work in the hospital, he then says how he has also placed the lily and she must rest, she mentions how she only has to work in the hospital, Neel exclaims how she would not think otherwise he would also refuse to eat and would die, Chahat stops him from talking then says how he should not talk of dying as they both would love and live for the rest of the lives. Neel then makes her lie down asking that she should rest, she says how she is blessed to have a husband like him.

The villagers discuss how they have seen Vyas je as the Mant and now his position is being taken away from him, Baleq then distributes them the pamphlet with the message which Vyas je predicated on the day he was married Baleq says how it is because of them both that Vyas jee has been forced to relieve himself from his Position, the villagers exclaim how they would not let anyone harm Vyas je and would surely kill both Neel and Chahat, Baleq thinks of how he knows Chahat would not let him take the position as Mant so now he has to end her life so that the entire blame is placed on Vyas je.

Neel and Chahat are stopped at the entry of the house, the villagers exclaim how the tension is because of their marriage, Neel asks if they are mad and they both are suffering from a lot of tensions so how can they ruin their lives, the villagers mention how it is only in the movies, one of the lady hits Chahat on the leg when Neel is not able to bear it and then pushes them all away, Neel explains how when two people are married and belong to different religions then it is not true that they always cause trouble and they should not come under the influenced of Vyas je, they once again separate Neel and Chahat, AlakhNanda comes with a weapon and threaten to hit them if they come near Neel and Chahat, she is over powered but Neel saves her when she is about to be harmed which excites Alakh who mentions who he is really a hero, AlakhNanda then once again is adamant to not them be harmed and follows every villager forcing them to run away.

Neel asks AlakhNanda to take Chahat inside, then he taking up the pamphlets goes to Vyas je asking why did he have them printed at which Vyas je says how he is not the one but what is written is the truth because their marriage has caused problems to not come on his life but also on the village, Neel explains how he should not worry for the religion for once and try to become his father because he was starved of it his entire life and he should for once try to be his father, Vyas je responds how he would have done it before if Neel had asked him to leave his position but the way in which the position was snatched away from him then he cannot do anything.

Chahat is praying that some miracles happen as Saraswathi is the only one who would be able to remove the differences between Neel and Chahat and some miracle should happen.

Neel is with Vyas je saying how the religion is not above all but has immense importance, he asks if Neel has forgotten his sister because Chahat is the daughter of Dr Baig who is the killer however even if he is not the killer even then he would not accept the child which is from a women belonging to another religion, Kripa starts crying, Vyas je orders Naveli to look after her however she thinks of how he would not be able to see the doll if she takes care of Kripa, then Vyas je mentions how he would himself go and check, Neel stops him saying how Chahat has taught him to look after Kripa.

Neel entering the room takes Kripa in his arms asking why her grandfather is so stubborn as he doesnot listen to anything, Neel even prays to Saraswathi pleading that she show him some way to know if the truth, Neel is worried seeing the doll as he thinks that it is new, he picks it up and is shocked to see the button behind the doll, Naveli is relaxed to see that Neel has taken the doll.

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