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Hi all, thank you for the continuous support of my story. I’m so glad you are enjoying it. Sorry for the last trick in the previous episode but for sure both the leads will be friends soon and you all know love starts with friendship 🤭 enjoy the epi❤️

Epi starts..

VR mansion at midnight..

Where do you think you are going? You are going to stay here and I want the food on my table by the time I get back. Got it? And don’t think about escaping,there are locks everywhere.

Riddhima got up startled again from her nightmare. She couldn’t cope with the trauma of her past and found it hard to fall asleep. She tried to block out all the noise by placing a pillow on her head and started to weep. She felt alone and wandered when her life would be better. She gently fell back in a thoughtful sleep after crying.

Next morning..

Vansh was in his study when Angre comes in.

Angre: Boss there’s a phone call for you. It’s Aakash. He wants to update you on the deal.

Vansh took the phone: You better have good news. I’m having to put up with your sister here and it is driving me mad.

Aakash on phone: I’m so sorry about her,she can be a handful and a little stubborn. Anyways, yes the deal, I spoke to the dealer and they are on schedule with the contract. You will get the gold in 3 weeks.

Vansh: Good. But from now please convey all conversations through Angre. I’m a very busy man.

Vansh hands the phone back to Angre and goes out the room to the kitchen.

Riddhima comes down and sees Vansh in the kitchen. She decides to skip breakfast and is about to walk towards the door when she heard that husky handsome voice behind her.

Vansh: Good morning sweetheart (he winks)

Riddhima(rolls her eyes): now is not the time Vansh. I am not in the mood today.

Vansh walks up and faces her. He gestured her to the study and when they got there he sat down.

Vansh: Here, these documents need sorting. We are not in the office today. You can deal with the workload. There’s not much to do anyway.

Riddhima: Ok.

She walks over to the other side of the room and sat down on the sofa. Vansh again wanted to go out, he couldn’t stand being in the same room as her. He went to the door and pulled on the handle but it didn’t move.

Vansh (thinking): Why doesn’t this damn door open? Oh no, I forgot the automated lock and the keys is with Angre. Damn it. Where is my phone?

He goes around and looks on his desk but doesn’t find any keys. He bangs his hand on the table and Riddhima looks up at him.

Riddhima: Whats happened? You loook angry


Riddhima: Woah easy there, calm down, it’s just a door and don’t you have the keys?

Vansh: The keys are with Angre (my right hand) he is off for the day and won’t be back til tomorrow. We are stuck here!

Riddhima: Whattt!

Vansh: Damn it!

Riddhima calmed herself down and registered the fact that she was locked in the room with Vansh. She saw a window at the far end and went towards it. She looked down and found that it was locked

Riddhima (thinking): Of course it’s locked. This house is a mansion. Everything is automatic.

The sun started to set in the distance and Riddhima turned back to face Vansh

Riddhima: Okay so I think the only way we can do this is to sleep here

Vansh: Whattttt! Are you mad?

Riddhima: Look Vansh, there isn’t any other option. Either you find another set of keys or your phone and get us out of here or you wait for Angre to come in the morning to open the door.

Vansh: …

Riddhima: I will take your silence as an ok then. I will sleep on the floor you can take the sofa.

Vansh: No, you take the sofa I will be fine on the floor

Riddhima: It’s okay Vansh, I come from an orphanage, it’s not that difficult for me to sleep on the floor.

Vansh nods and went to the sofa. He noticed Riddhima trying to move around and get comfortable but couldn’t so he went to her and picked her up and made her lie on the sofa.

Riddhima: What are you doing?!

Vansh: Shh, just listen. You are going to sleep here ok.

Riddhima moved to the corner and curled up in a ball. She started to fall asleep but her head started to move down. Vansh noticed it and held her head. He placed it gently on his shoulder as she slept. He could hear the calmness of her sleep.

Precap: Riddhima gets another nightmare but Vansh comforts her and Kabir tries to get close to Riddhima. She meets the rest of the family

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