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Kartik is back to Singhania Sadan. Everyone are in the living room when Kartik enters.

Kartik: Lies…lies…a bag of lies

Naksh: What happened Kartik?

Kartik: Pucho mat yaar..I did not lie this much to meet my girlfriend like I lied to meet my wife.

Devyani: What happened Kartik?


As per Mishti’s idea Kartik leaves the car and gets home. Swarna is restless till she sees him. 

Swarna: Kartik..where were you?

Kartik: Jogging maa

Swarna: Thank God you are back

Kartik: Maa Ill freshen up and come

Kartik runs to his room. 

Dadi to Manish: Thank God Ashi handled it well

Surekha: Such maa ji

Within sometime Kartik comes down in his formal attire. Swarna too comes ready

Swarna: Kartik have your breakfast Ill come to office today with you

Kartik is shocked 

Kartik: Aap? …whats the need maa?

Swarna: Manish ji told there is lot of work so you will stay longer there so I thought of helping you 

Kartik in mind: Chal what will I do?

Ashi reads his face. She holds his hand

Ashi: Maa Kartik is coming with me today

Kartik looks at her with a question mark in his face

Ashi: He promised to take around Udaipur today

Kartik: Haan..haan maa

Swarna: Acha then ok..Ill go to office today then

Ashi: Lets have breakfast outside..come lets go

Ashi drags Kartik out

Kartik: Ashi?

Ashi: Dont worry my boyfriend Karan will take me

Kartik: You have a boyfriend? Thats why you came here

Ashi: I came for maa , and he is here too so

Kartik: You never told me about him

Ashi: Yesterday you were in a hurry thats why. Now you go Karan will be here within minutes 

Ashi hops her way to the stop. Kartik gets on his way to Singhania house 


Naira: Whats the need for this? You could have gone to office right

Kartik: What the need means ? Its my duty to be here. I know about you well. You will make everyone listen to you as you are pregnant and you will not follow what doctor said

Naksh: Kartik is right. 

Kartik: Thank you so much for taking my side Naksh

Just then his mobile rings. Its Swarna

Kartik: Maa…

Swarna: Where are you ?

Kartik: Maa..with,.,Ashi in the park maa..she is having dabri wali chai

Swarna: Okay safe

The calls disconnects 

Manish: He is not a kid Swarna. 

Swarna: He is for me. Once the divorce is over Ill arrange the marriage of Ashi and Kartik

Manish is worried

Meanwhile Singhania house

Naira: Again a lie

Kartik: Everything fair in love Naira. Im too hungry can I have something?

Devyani: Bilkul..Ill bring you Kachori

Kartik goes with her to the kitchen. They come back with juice and kachoris

Kartik: Naira this juice is for you

Naira: Ill have it after having Kachori with you

Kartik: Doctor said that you cannot have Kachoris 

Naira: But I want to have them

Naksh: Naira..Ill make something else for you..but no Kachori 

Kartik: First you drink this juice

Naira: Yuck..

Kartik: No yuck..okay..Ill have a glass with you

Kartik fills another glass

Kartik: Now cheers

They have the juice . Kartik later enjoys Kachoris. Naira is irritated for not being allowed to have them.

Kartik: Naira its for you and our baby na..please smile

Naira: I dont want to smile. Why did you come here? To torture me?

Naira goes to her room. Kartik rushes with his food and runs behind her. He hugs her from behind.

Kartik: Naira..listen to me..

Naira: Tell

Kartik: Ill also quit Kachoris from today

Naira: Par..

Kartik: When you did not I should not have had it but dadi made it with love. Thats I wont eat too. Promise

Naira smiles faintly. Kartik turns her towards him and pulls her closer

Kartik: I came here to share every minute of pregnancy with you. Because you are not pregnant we are pregnant 

Naira hugs Kartik

Naira: I wish maa too knows this

Kartik: We will tell her very soon. Dont worry

Naira: Pakka na

Kartik: Haan pakka

Kartik makes her sit down. He takes her leg on his lap

Naira: Kartik what are you doing?

Kartik: Seva for my pregnant wife.

He presses her feet. She astonishes her luck and his unconditional love. The scene freezes 


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