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Shahana is at home stressed about what happened the day before in radio station.

Prachi sees her and asks “what happned?”

Shahana thinks to solve the problem on her own as Prachi had her own problems to solve. So she denies saying anything.

Prachi gets doubtful on Shahana but gets distracted on receiving Ishaan’s call. She gets little tensed but picks the call.

Ishaan says “ Abhigya…our project partners have reached today. We will have a meeting with them in afternoon so I want u to arrange everything for it.”

Prachi agrees.

Ishaan thinks “I forgot to tell her about the date…oh no…”

He finds his cell battery dead.He takes his another phone to call but as it was a new phone he didn’t save any contacts in that.He tries to remember Prachi’s number but ends up calling Rhea(thinking it is Prachi’s number).

Rhea picks up the call but before she could say yes Ishaan starts speaking(due to nervousness).

Shashank says “ shall we go on a date?”

Rhea gets shocked and sees her phone and again listens.

He says “I mean only if u don’t have any problem.”

Rhea says “what? U idiot.. who are u? u blo*dy flirt…”

Ishaan gets shocked and thinks “I think I have called someone else by mistake. What to do now?”

He gulps and again places his phone near his ear and tries to speak. But Rhea who is angry starts shouting at him. Ishaan feels like crying hearing her scoldings.

Rhea calls him “philanderer,flirt,road side romeo,etc….”

Ishaan feels his head is gonna blast and blood is gonna flow from his ears.

He shouts shut up. Rhea gets shocked.

Ishaan says “are u a girl? I have never seen any girl like u?”

Rhea says “u didn’t see even me.”

Ishaan thins up his lips and says “yeah.. I … didn’t see u … but I heard u right… u are so impossible.”

Rhea gets angry and shouts “Hoe dare u call me impossible? Do u know who I am? I am a born princess. U Mr.Lunatic”

Ishaan says ”yeah a psychotic princess  and to which realm?”

Rhea fumes in anger.

They start bickering and cut the call angrily.

Both of them open the door fiercely and come out at the same time.

As they come out at the same time they see each other and greet each other with an awkward beam and angrily scolds the person with whom they spoke on the phone and leave from there.

Shashank opens the door but couldn’t find Mishti as Pallavi calls Mishti, so she leaves quickly.

Shashank thinks “why did I get a feeling that Mishti was here?…..No I must be imagining”

He leaves from there.

Disha is still sleeping in her room. Prachi leaves from there after informing Sunny as she has to arrange everything for the meeting.

Shahana also leaves as she gets a call from her manager.

Everyone goes to attend aarthi except Shashank.

After aarthi everyone leaves to have break fast.

Shashank who has just come down sees that aarthi has got over and feels happy that now he can have breakfast and steps on something and gets pricked.

He cries “ouch…what the hell is this?”

He finds an earring and picks it up and says “Mishti……?”

Mishti feels someone has called her and turns around to check but finds none and finds Pallavi looking at her perplexed.

Mishti asks “what happened mummy? Why are u looking at me like that?”

Pallavi says “ is that a new style…. I  mean…. single ear ring?”

Mishti finds her earring is missing and goes to find it.

Shashank is still looking at the ear ring when she suddenly hears someone saying ”execuse me?”

Shashank feels a chill down his spine after hearing the voice and the voice continues “ this is my ear ring…. It fell here. Can u please give it back?”

Shashank holds the ear ring in his palm and wrap it with his fingers.

Mishti gets confused and says (rashly) ”execuse me….?”

Shashank turns.

Mishti gets shocked seeing Shashank.

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