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Colonel Dias Club.

KaiRa reach the venue. Kartik was hell excited where as Naira’s face doesn’t show any emotions.

Kartik: Finally….! It’s a long time since I have been to club. Today I’ll enjoy to my core.

Naira: Excuse me, for your information we are here for a meeting with Mr Gupta and we have to go from here within half an hour. Alright

Kartik:(like a child with an cute pout) okayy!!…

Naira laughs at his cute antics while Kartik adores her laughter.

Kartik:(pov) Keep smiling and laughing like this rather than that kadoos akdu boss expression.

Naira: come on we don’t have much time,

Kartik: okay..

They enters inside and starts the meeting with Mr Gupta. And they were impressed. Both the companies signed the contract.

Kartik: congratulations ma’am

Naira: Thanks, Waise it’s not just me our whole family needed to be congratulated for the success. They all have equal hardwork in this.

Kartik: Yes you are right.

They were talking about some random things, then Kartik gets a call and he moves aside to recieve this. By that time some guys tries to misbehave with Naira. She was about to react then Kartik comes there and punches him hard.

Kartik: how dare you are to touch her and don’t you have sister’s in your house. Have your parents taught this to you, to misbehave with a girl and don’t dare to do it with any other girl… Samjha

Kartik was fuming in anger and Naira was trying to calm him down.

Naira: Kartik, leave them come on we will complain about them and don’t forget that I am your boss.

Saying this she drags him with her, she was getting flashes of her moments with Arjun. How he used to be possessive and used to beat those who tried to misbehave with her. Tears made their way to her eyes and Kartik noticed this.

Kartik: I’m sorry Naira woh..

Naira: Don’t need to be sorry for anything. Anyways thank you for helping me.

Kartik: that’s my pleasure (pov):- how can I spare them..! How can they touch my Naira… If it was in my hand I would killed them off…

Naira:(pov) The world is full of selfishness. All have their own selfish reason for everything. But he…. Why??. Arjun used to be this much angry when someone touches me in wrong, I used to drag him like I did with Kartik. He is a nice guy. In these days he took care my family too. For the first time after Arjun’s death I felt this care towards me… Shayad I miss Arjun terribly..

Her chain of thoughts broke when she heard some vehicles pressing horns to adjust into the traffic.

Scene freezes.

Naira was working in her cabin, suddenly her phone rang.

Naira: Hello, yes Mr Tiwari.

MrTiwari: hello Miss Singhania, we called you to inform you something suspicious.

Naira: suspicious…! What’s that?

MrT: have you withdrawn any big amount from your account of xyz Bank?

Naira: No! Infact I haven’t used that card for long. All the things are done by online transaction, that’s why. But tell me the amount I think there will be some mishap.

MrT: 25 lakhs

Naira: What!!! 25 lakhs.. how can this be even possible.. it’s not a mishap other wise Akshay would have informed me about this.I have tight security in account details.

MrT: You told me now that you haven’t used your card for long, then I think it’s something related to the same.

Naira: You’re right Mr Tiwari, You pls do search about it. I’ll also do my best to find out who did this blunder??

MrT: okay ma’am bye.

Naira: Who can do this, first of all stealing the card, then searching for its password, who did this. No one from outside can enter the house because of the security. So it must be someone who is in house. But who……….!!!! Wait.. How can I forget this that who can do this.

She then thinks for a while and shouted,

Naira: Kaarrttiikk……..

Episode freezes

Precap:- What going on in Naira’s mind

Do guess about this.

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