Love Is In The Air Episode 39 – Telly Updates

Its evening when Naira’s reports are out. Keerthi and Mishti bring them to Kartik. Naira is with Naksh  while Anurag Prerna Akash Naina and Abir are with Kartik. Naitik and Akshara too come there

Kartik gets the reports and is shocked at them

Keerthi: Kartik..she needs a surgery

Kartik: What?

Mishti: Didi’s condition is worsening. She needs this surgery as soon as possible

Kartik: Will my Naira get normal after her surgery?

Keerthi: 50% chances are there

Prerna: The remaining 50?

Mishti: Chances of paralysis and memory loss are there but we have to take the risk

Naitik: Do we have choice?

Mishti: If we had doctor would have not recommended surgery

Kartik: Make sure there is a best surgeon into this. I dont mind the expenses but I need my Naira recovered

Keerthi: Sure Kartik

Chief doctor comes

CD: Mr. Goenka we will give our best

Kartik: I need the men best at work. Naira is very precious to me. I cant take any risk in her case

CD: I promise the best sir

Kartik walks to the corner and breaks down. Abir runs to him. Mishti and Keerthi walk with chief doctor

Abir: Bhai…dont break down like this

Kartik: I cant hide it anymore Abir. 

He hugs Abir and cries

Anurag: Kartik we have to be strong to handle Naira

Naitik: Haan beta..she trusts only you

Prerna: Kartik..MRI was a practice session we have to prepare her for surgery. You have to do it if you love her

Kartik wipes his eyes and gets up

Kartik: Ill not break anymore. 

Kartik goes to Naira

Abir: Its time to work out our plan. Definitely Kabir and Rohit will plan to attack before the surgery. We have to nab them

Akash: Everyone knows the part right

Naksh comes there

Naksh: Yes we know it

Abir walks across Mishti’s cabin to meet Kuhu. He briefs the plan

Kuhu: Superb Abir. Lets do it

Nurse gets inside to check the vitals of Naira

Naira: Bad girl..go away

Kartik: Naira…dont say like that

Naira starts to cry. She gets up and runs to the table and hides behind it. Kartik goes to her

Kartik: Naira…Ill ask her to go..please come with me. 

 He lifts her and takes her to the bed. To convince her he wears the stethoscope and acts like checking her. Naira smiles. Kartik gestures the nurse to check the vitals

She checks the blood pressure and keeps the thermometer in her mouth. Kartik holds Naira’s hand as she tries to remove it. He gently squeezes her hand to comfort her

Nurse: Vitals are better sir. Tomorrow morning surgery will happen

Kartik is worried but doesn’t show it out


Abir enters the cabin of Mishti. Mishti hugs him but Abir pushes her away

Mishti: Abir?

Abir: What Abir? You very well knew that Rohit knew Kabir but you still led all this happen. You hid him talking with you for so long from me. I dont love you anymore 

Abir says this and walks out. Mishti cries. Moments later Rohit comes in

Rohit: Great..your lover left you . This Abir made my work easier. Now I need not remove him from the path. All left is you. But you see Kartik is still a boulder in our plan to harm Naira. 

Mishti: Dont do anything to didi. She is already suffering because of you

Kabir enters

Kabir: Thats not more than what I suffered. I almost gave my life for her but she loves someone else. Its her mistake na

Rohit : Kabir..dont worry we will accomplish it soon

Kabir: Now lets see your love 

Rohit is about to make Mishti unconscious when Kabir falls with a thud. Rohit turns but he is caught by Abir

Anurag enters followed by Akash with a gun

Akash: Poor guns got caught in a simple trap

Mishti: Trap?

Naina: Haan

Kunal: Simple but efficient one. It was the plan that Abir shouted at Mishti at the time when Rohit was watching her

Kuhu: It was me who went to the cctv control room and informed Abir about Rohit’s presence so that he can shout at the right time

Anurag: As Abir shouted this idiot thought Abir is no more in love with you and will not come for you. He brought his foolish friend too and got caught . We got their statements too

Naksh: Now Naira will be safe

Akash’s men drag Kabir and Rohit out. Kartik sees them. He slaps Kabir

Kartik: How dare you…? Now my Naira is suffering because of you all her suffering till today was because of you

Anurag: Kabir its your luck that sherni form is not here today. If her Sherni avatar comes then you would have been cut into pieces. Maybe still God has some mercy on you. But you don’t deserve that mercy

Kabir and Rohit are cuffed and taken away. The scene freezes 

Its night now. Kartik is plaiting Naira’s two plaits

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Haan

Naira: I want this

She points a cotton candy in a magazine

Kartik: Ill get you tomorrow. Its too late tonight 

Naira: Pakka?

Kartik: Haan pakka

He is done with the plaits. Nurse comes in

Nurse: Sir surgery at 8 am. Please give her this sleeping tablet now.

She leaves

Kartik make Naira eat the tablet. And makes her lie down. She moves to the side and calls him nearby. He refuses. Naira starts to cry and turns away from him. Kartik lies down near her and cuddles with her

Kartik: Naira Im sorry

Naira smiles and kisses him on his cheek. Kartik is broken

Kartik in mind: God the surgery should go on well. My sherni has to recover soon

The scene freezes 


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