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Here the episode begins…

Vansh comes to the hospital and sees Kabir standing near the reception..

VANSH: Kabir, what happened to my riddhima. What happened to her? Is she ok? Tell me idiot..

KABIR: Idiot? What did I do?

VANSH: Now, about you is not important for me. Just tell, what happened to riddhima. Otherwise, I’ll kill you..

KABIR: I think she needs psychology treatment…

VANSH: What!! Is she fine?

KABIR: Even I asked the same to her..

VANSH: What did she say?

KABIR: She said ‘No’.. Only then, after listening to her I understood her problem…

After hearing all this without even wasting a second vansh runs to see riddhima…

Vansh opens the door and enters the operation theatre…

As soon as riddhima sees vansh, she comes and hugs him. Vansh who was shocked by her action stood motionless. Riddhima cries hugging vansh..

VANSH: Riddhu, what happened? Are you fine? Shall I call the doctor?

On hearing this, riddhima comes to her sense and moves backward..

RIDDHIMA: Doctor? I’m fine..

VANSH: Riddhima, don’t behave like a child. You are grown up.. Please be matured. If you are not fine, then what’s your problem to allow the doctor to check you..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I’m fine. I’m telling the truth.. I’m absolutely fine..

VANSH: Will you shut up!! Just do what I say. I can’t keep on telling you. Now, I’ll call the doctor, you be quiet..

Saying so, before riddhima could speak further he calls the doctor..

The doctor comes there..

DOCTOR: Vansh, Is there any problem?

VANSH: Doctor, I’m alright. But, riddhima is having problem..

DOCTOR: What happened?

VANSH: Doctor, she is not fine. So, can you check her once..

DOCTOR: Of course.. But, what’s her problem?

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, I’m perfectly alright..

DOCTOR: Then, why did you call me?

RIDDHIMA: Sorry doctor..

DOCTOR: No problem. Vansh, we understand your concern for riddhima. But, we do have other patients too. So, please understand our situation and call us only if there is any need.. I hope you’ll understand.

Saying so, the doctor leaves..


Kabir comes to angre and informs him about vansh..

KABIR: By the way, why are you looking upset?

ANGRE: All this happened because of this ishani. I don’t know, why she did this? What will I do now? I’m trying my level best to make her understand. But, she is not paying any heed to my words. She is behaving like a child. What will I do?

KABIR: Why didn’t you tell this to me? When I’m here, my friend shouldn’t worry for such small things..

ANGRE: What will you do?

Before angre could speak further, Kabir drags him and takes him to ishani..

KABIR: Ishani, don’t you have sense? How can you do this? How dare you to this? I won’t spare you for this?

ANGRE: Idiot, what are you doing?

KABIR: Wait, I understood you. It’s my duty as a friend to solve your problem. By the way, Ishani just do what angre say..

Saying so, he goes..

Ishani looks angrily at angre. Angre, who understood the meaning for that anger quickly escapes from the place.


RIDDHIMA: Vansh, seriously you are a stupid. Without even letting me to speak, you yourself thinking something and doing such idiotic actions. Have you gone mad? Did I say anything like I’m not well? From the moment you came I’m saying that I’m fine. You are not even listening to me. Idiot, stupid, donkey, buffalo. What words will I search and say to scold you. Seriously, without irritating me further, get lost from here..

Vansh was totally dumbstruck. Because, till now he hadn’t seen such a fierce riddhima. He hadn’t even got such a scolding from everyone.. So, to save himself without even thinking for a second he comes out and then takes a deep breath.

VANSH: ( thinking) What did I do? It’s kabir, who told me that riddhima is not well. What I did was right. Then, why is she scolding me like this. I haven’t heard such words from anyone till now. It all happened because of that dog Kabir. I won’t leave him. Today is going to be the worst day in his life. Where is he?

Thinking so, he searches for kabir. Just then he comes across angre in the car parking area..

VANSH: Where is that Kabir donkey? Did you see him?

ANGRE: No.. Even I’m searchin that monkey. Once I see him I won’t leave him..

VANSH: What happened to you? Why are you angry?

ANGRE: Within a second I got escaped from your devil sister. Thank God. All happened because of him. Where is that idiot?

VANSH: Devil? You mean ishani..

ANGRE: Hmm… By the way, why are you searching him? I’m sure that he must have done some stupid thing..

VANSH: Seriously, that’s true. Even I got struck to your devil sister because of that idiot. I won’t spare him.

Just then, kabir comes there…

KABIR: Hey gays.. Sorry, guys.. How are you?

Vansh punches Kabir and knocks continuously on his head. Somehow Kabir manages and runs from there but, vansh chases him.

KABIR: Vansh, please leave me. I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have said that.

As he was speaking angre comes behind him and catches him.

Angre slaps him and punches him…

KABIR: Guys, what happened?

VANSH: Just shut up donkey…

ANGRE: Monkey…

PRECAP: Riddhimaaaaa… .

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