Saath Nibhana Saathiya FanFiction: Here Comes Trouble (Part 3) Final – Telly Updates

The night quickly arrived. Modi family was still unaware of Kokila’s horrible condition. They didn’t know that she had been buried alive. Gopi was so terrified at this point that she was beginning to think of the worst.
“Something is horribly wrong here.” She thought. “I am absolutely sure that something has happened to mum. And I must find out what it is. What if… What if there’s something we’re missing? What if… What if Gaura just pretends that she is dead?”
“That’s right, Gopi! Gaura Suryavanshi is not dead!”
Gopi turned around to see who was talking to her and she saw Gaura standing behind her. Gaura’s victorious smile made Gopi’s blood run cold. She was wearing black clothes as she would usually do whenever she would kill some enemy of her.
Gopi was sure by now that Gaura had done something to Kokila. There wasn’t a single doubt in that.
“What did you do to my mother, Gaura Suryavanshi?” Gopi said it so loudly and with such a confidence that she woke up the whole family and they quickly went into her room to see what was going on.
“Be careful how do you talk to me, Gopi Modi!” Gaura replied, still smiling with victory. “You are so, so naive. I could so easily trick you that I am dead and you believed me. You believed me just like that. You believed your greatest enemy. I tricked you so many times that I have changed for the better and every time you trusted me. Your dear mother in law trusted me so many times, believing that we can be friends again. Believing that I will forget the past just like that and accept her as a friend. Ha, ha. And let me tell you now, your suspicions are right. When Kokila came to my so called funeral, I was already waiting for her. And when she came, I buried her alive. She is probably dead by now. There’s no way she could’ve survived and I made sure in that. I buried her as deeply as I could. She wanted to kill me by pushing me off the stairs. But, as always, Gaura Suryavanshi won! I will take you to your mother now, don’t worry about that.”
“How dare you, Gaura Suryavanshi!” Gopi wanted to slap Gaura but Gaura caught her hand. And the others of the Modi family were just standing there, watching in disbelieve.
“Don’t ever think of doing that again, Gopi Modi!” Gaura said confidently. “If you try to slap me again, I promise I will berry you next to your mother!”
“Please, stop it already.” Hetal said. “Gopi, dear, calm down. And you, Gaura, we beg you, please take us to Kokila. Please. Even if she is dead, we want to perform her last rituals. I beg you, take us to her.”
“I told you I will.” Gaura replied. “Come on, let’s go. And don’t even think of doing something against me. Otherwise I will throw you all in the lake and not only you will not be able to see Kokila, but you will all die together in one day.
And so, they were silently following Gaura. Finally, in20 minutes that felt like hours for the Modis, they arrived.
“Here we are.” Gaura said.
And then, she took them to a grave and started digging.
It took Gaura a long time but eventually, she digged deeply enough and Kokila could finally be seen. She was lying there in the cold earth, her eyes showing no signs of life.
“Mum!” Gopi said through tears. “Mum, please, wake up, mum! We are already here and we will safe you. Please, mum. Please, you can’t leave us just like that!”
“I think there is nothing holding me here anymore.” Gaura said. “I took you to your Kokila, now it’s your turn. I don’t know is she alive or dead. I just wanted to show her for a millionth time what are the consequences of messing with Gaura Suryavanshi. If for some reason Kokila survives, don’t worry, I will kill her someday. But you all must stay away from me. If you don’t, I will think of some other terrifying ways to torture you. Remember my words and don’t ever think of challenging me again.”
And afterwards Gaura disappeared. Her victorious smile could be still seen in the distance. Modi family was so terrified that they didn’t even dare to look after her. They took Kokila to a hospital and she soon recovered. After that, Modis stopped interfering with Gauraat all. They were sure by now that messing with her is a losing game.
But Gaura would not leave them alone that easily. She was determined to destroy their whole family. And after all, she had a reason. Didn’t she…

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