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A loud happy noise filled with curiosity from the bedroom I asked what’s the problem? Nothing much we are shifting our apartment said my sister before that I forgot to introduce my name is Abhinandhini full name is Abhinandhini Krishna and my sister’s name is Thanku it is her pet name and her actual name is Aaradhya Krishna no Dr.Aradhya Krishna. Gosh, I said to my sister she asked what’s so much big deal about it, It is actually good to have a change. I protested Do you think it is good to change the flat? I asked Yes she said in a careless way. With a pessimistic feeling I got up with a grumpy face. I walked to my study room and saw all my stuffs being packed seeing that I felt sad because I used have the world’s best neighbors and so If I am leaving this apartment It would surely be a loss for me.

Next day screaming into my ears ”Wake up it is seven o clock” said my mom. I ran to the washroom, I brushed my teeth and then took a bath. While packing my bag I got an envelope from my mom, I asked her what is it, Nothing much it is your application for change in transportation, said my mom. I was surprised because our apartment was just opposite to our school so then it would maximum take five minutes to reach. When I expressed my views my mom gave me a tight pat on my shoulders and then said, Didn’t you know that we are shifting our apartment? So what I replied then the argument began Me and my mom we’re arguing so much that when my eyes were towards my clock I was shocked to see that it was 8:40, by giving a break to the argument I left my house with the envelope in my hand heading towards my school like a roller coaster. When I reached my school my whole class was heading towards me like an army of soldiers, frightened I stepped back but much to my surprise my best friend Shreya was also included in the army, they were asking me a bunch of questions about my new apartment, how many rooms were there ?, Is the house massive ?, Which room have you got ? Etc, I was kind of amused because I itself had forgotten that I was shifting my apartment. I wasn’t able to answer even one question of theirs because, by the time my class had been a fish market, I just asked them who said you all that I was shifting my apartment ?

Then they replied in a meticulous way ”your best friend Shreya”. I looked at her keenly in an indignant way, By the time the teacher had arrived she was staring at us and asked us in a frustrating tone WHETHER THIS WAS A FISH MARKET……………, Suddenly everyone rushed back to their seats and then the class continued, later on in my house we were done with our packing and all our stuffs were shifted to the other apartment later we packed our bags, and then we bid adieu to our neighbors and left…………

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