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Hi guys ik the title is Damnn but I love to scuba dive and it is related to today’s episode 😁

Thank you so much for your love and support when I read the previous comments I was soooo overwhelmed I can’t believe I love you guys ( me doing my happy dance ) thank you soo much guys and Pratishta if u are reading this then let me tell you I’ve ppl who count on me for updates just put yourself in my shoes even u won’t stop writing FFS . If u have any doubts about the written updates please contact Amna she writes them and she will be a great help thank you

Let’s begin.

Aaryan and Kabir shared a romantic evening and slept in each other’s  arms as they found solace.


It was morning and riddhima woke by vansh’s side

Riddhima: vansh wake up we have to go for scuba diving

Vansh : ya but first give me a kiss.

She gently placed a peck on his lips he awoke they changed into thier swimsuits and reached the scuba diving place they filled the required forms and began thier training they learnt the hand gestures and when they were well trained thier guide took them to the ocean both were alone together in the ocean the feeling was magical they were overwhelmed to have each other’s company.they clicked lots of pictures and after thier scuba diving session was completed they received thier certificate .


It was morning and Aaryan and Kabir were cuddled up in each other’s arms Kabir awoke and caressed Aaryan’s face with affection he kissed his eyelids he was adoring his sharp jawline and his gazal brown hair his eyes held affection for him Aaryan awoke

Aaryan: good morning

Kabir: good morning , so should we go home

Aaryan: ya we can chill out together

They reached vr mansion Ishani opened the door she saw both of them together hand in hand

Ishani: what has happened to you two

Kabir showed his ring

Ishani: what srsly

Aaryan: shh shh talk softly

Ishani: I can’t believe my eyes

She hugged both of them

Kabir: don’t tell this to sia and Sejal ok they will spread like cheese spread , and I’ll take care of dadi Idk what will be her reaction.


Riddhima and vansh were chilling in the beach

Vansh : u know what’s the one thing I’ll never regret in life

Riddhima : what

Vansh : loving you , u bought back my happiness riddhu I love u more than my life

He kissed her she reciprocated with more love

In vr mansion.

Kabir and Aaryan were chilling and they were happy to have one another’s company when dadi came

Dadi : Kabir where were u last night

Kabir : dadi.. woh.. actually Aaryan had a party so I went there

Dadi: ok beta next time Inform and go . Come here I’ve some work with you Aaryan u can also join, it will be a great help.

They both followed her she made them sit.

Dadi: listen Kabir vansh got married he is happy now it’s time for you to get married ,I’ve selected this girl her name is Ananya her family will be coming today

Bith of them were shocked listening to her words Aaryan was about to cry

Kabir: but dadi can’t e take a break…like..

Dadi : no ifs and buts they are coming today and you will marry her that’s my final word.

Aaryan got up he was about to leave

Dadi : arrey Aaryan beta where are u going

Aaryan: thanks dadi but I have some work

He glares at Kabir and spoke in a feeble voice.

Dadi : ok bye beta tc.

He lest without looking back or answering Kabir excused himself and ran after him

Kabir: Aaryan wait Don’t go please

Aaryan turned around ran towards him and hugged him he broke down : I love u Kabir but our love will always stay forbidden I promise you that I will be ur best friend forever but lover was never written in our lives.

Kabir: Aaryan don’t day that u know I can’t live without you

Aaryan : it’s you who is getting married not me Kabir.

Kabir: u know I don’t want to I have to

Aaryan left fro there hurt with moist eyes


Vansh received dadis message

Vansh : riddhu dadi has found a girl for Kabir’s marriage.

Riddhima: what omg Aaryan must be hurt I need to call him .

Vansh : no don’t remember the sort happened with us but we had faith in our love and our love won they will also have to do the same and I’m sure thier love will conquer all.

Riddhima : hmm fine.

They enjoyed themselves in thier vacation and Kabir and Aaryan were in a new phase of thier life they knew tagt they had to fight this war of love alone .

So that is it for today guys hope you enjoyed it thank you for so much of love for KAARYAN and for my FF thank you for your love I was soooo happy after reading the comments that j straight went to write a new episode ( me still doing my happy dance ) .

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