Swipe of love : Proposed – Episode 21 – Telly Updates

Hi guys 😁 I’m sorry actually the previous episode was suppose to be episode 18 u know mistake happens so let’s begin without further ado

Riddhima: vansh let’s go for baby shark feeding na please.

Vansh : ok let’s go

They got ready and left for baby shark feeding

Meanwhile in mumbai

Aaryan : Kabir today I’ll reveal all my feelings to you .

He called Kabir

Aaryan: hey Kabir sup! U free for beer and burgers

Kabir: ya man where shld I come

Aaryan sent him the location

Kabir: ya received location but..

Aaryan: ok reach there quick

Call ends

Kabir: but that’s not a place where we get burgers and beer anyways today I will confess my feelings to you Aaryan 😉


Riddhima wore a asos design tie back cross front split blackmaxi beach dress. With black smoky eyes and black heels

Riddhima: vansh give me even I want to feed them

Vansh : ya here take

They shared a bucket of meat and threw it towards the baby sharks in the water


Kabir reached the place and couldn’t see anything it was all dark and he heard a familiar voice . And the lights appeared

Aaryan : the day u came into my life I felt I found my love I love you Kabir with all my heart belongs to u Kabir without u there is no meaning to my life will you be mine forever will u make me yours forever WILL YOU MARRY ME KABIR .

He kneeled down showing him the ring .

Kabir was silent

Aaryan : look ik it’s hard for u I should not have bought this topic I’m so sorry I spoilt everything .

He was about to leave when..

Kabir : I love you Aaryan, I love you soo much will u marry me I will make u mine will be mine forever don’t go like this I love you forever and ever

Aaryan turned around and hugged him they exchanged thier rings and kissed they waiting for this kiss this love this affection they found solace in each other’s arms they found thier true love .

Kabir: I’m very Happy Aaryan I love you

Aaryan : I love u too

Kabir, Aaryan ( unision) : wait I’ve to inform riddhu/vansh bhai about it.

Aaryan: ok I’ll call

They video called them

Riddhima and vansh went away f om the crowd and answered thier call

Riddhima: hi Aaryan

Aaryan : hi riddhu, vansh bhai

Kabir: hi ppl

Vansh : hi what are you both doing together

Kabir and Aaryan a showed thier rings and said : he proposed to me

Riddhima: omg Aaryan u did it finally

Vansh : woah I can’t believe my eyes this useless brother of mine proposed finally .

Riddhima: bye u guys enjoy ur night and congratulations

Vansh : bye guys congratulations

They cut the call

Kabir: so burgers and beer

Aaryan: ig that was the plan

They burst out laughing.

Bith the couples  shared a beautiful night together with thier special ones

The ones that love is never really leave us

— Sirius Black

Do that is it for today guys thanks a lot for all the love and comment and tell if u liked it or not .


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