Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon- CUTE (EP71) – Telly Updates

Kartik is unable to understand what happened to Naira. He goes behind her. 

Kartik: Naira what happened? I just said that you are cute

Naira: Nothing. You have preview tonight na go and get ready

Kartik is confused but he walks away

Naira thinks about his hayee which he used often during the early days of pregnancy

Naira: Now he doesn’t say hayee at all…Am I moti? 

Ruhi: Naira you are not moti. You are pregnant

Naira: Then Am I not looking normal?

Ruhi: Of course not..if you are pregnant you will look pregnant. 

Naira: Matlab Kartik doesnt consider me beautiful 

Ruhi: What is the issue now?

Naira: He called me cute

Ruhi: Haan he said it are looking so cute 🥰 now

Naira: Ruhi dont irritate me go away

Ruhi comes away muttering: What happened to her

Ishitha: What happened to you?

Ruhi tells her. Ishitha laughs

Ruhi: Ishimaa what happened?

Ishitha: Her mood swings have started.  Now till delivery she will be like this only

Ruhi: Bechara Kartik then

Kartik is making the arrangements and is busy. Naira is worrying about being loved less by Kartik.

Time passes by and it’s evening. Naira gets ready for the preview. She is dressed in a red gown and sorry Naira but you are looking so cute 🥰 Kartik enters 

Kartik: Naira you are so cute

Naira: Kartik shut up and leave from here

Kartik: I have to take you down

Naira: You go Ill come myself 

Kartik goes out. Naira comes but she is about to slip when Kartik holds her

Kartik: Naira you can show your anger by some other way

Naira doesn’t respond but she doesn’t push him away too. The leave for the preview.


Kartik and Naira are captured by every camera there. Reports cant stop gushing about this beautiful couple. Rhea too comes there

Rhea: Hey Kartik

Kartik: Hello Rhea

Naira in mind: Why did he allow her even after knowing her intentions 


The night when Kartik ousted Rhea and Puru. 

Naira: Kartik can I ask something?

Kartik: Hmm

Naira: You said you knew Rhea’s intentions. What are they?

Kartik pulls her into his embrace

Kartik: She wanted to take your place in my life


They walk inside the theatre. The preview begins. Naira is a bit lost during the entire program.

As the show ends Rhea bids bye and thats when Naira smiles. 

Sometime later 

Kaira room

Naira did not utter a single word to Kartik from the time they left for preview till now

Kartik: Naira what happened? Why are you not talking to me?

Naira: Nothing 

Kartik sits near her and puts his hand around her shoulder 

Kartik: I saw that from the time I called you cute you are behaving weird?

Naira: When you saw for the first time cant you stop? Why did you have to keep on telling it?

Kartik: Because you are cute

Naira: So am I not beautiful?

Kartik: Isnt cute beautiful?

Naira: Cute is cute

Kartik: Arghh …women..

Naira: Shut up

Kartik: You shut up

Kartik walks down . He slumps on the couch when Manish comes to him

Manish: What happened beta? You look stressed

Kartik tells the happenings. Manish  laughs

Manish: Beta beta she is in her last trimester. She is bound to have mood swings. And  the solution is to talk to her in a loving way. Ask her what is she feeling and make her understand that everything is normal. 

Kartik: Thank you so much papa

Manish: Beta I have also crossed it. So now just go

Kartik runs back. Naira is crying. Kartik runs to her and cups her face as he kneels before her

Kartik: Naira Im sorry. I didn’t know that cute hurts you like this 

Naira: It would not have if you had said hayee…but for the past three months you never said hayee..that was bearable but suddenly calling me cute…and not gorgeous and beautiful hurts me. I know that you dont find me beautiful 

Kartik: Who said so? Do you know how much beautiful you are now? Your face has such a glow. I have not committed any new project as I never wanted to miss even a smile of yours. Your face is glowing like a full moon now

Naira: Then why did you call Rhea? Even after knowing her intentions

Kartik: As she requested me . But when did you start to have problems with her. Did you forget it?


The same night when Kartik ousted Puru and Rhea

When Kartik told Rhea’s intentions . Naira starts to laugh

Kartik: Why are you laughing? Arent you getting angry?

Naira: Why should I ? 

Kartik: She wants your place in my life

Naira: My husband is an actor. He has many fans that too girl fans all of them dream about the same. When I had no problem with Urvashi even after knowing that you loved her once how will I have one with Rhea? Kartik..Urvashi may come Ridhimaa may come and Rhea may come but no one can take Naira’s place in her Kartik’s life. Its my belief on you and our love.


Kartik: Where is that belief now? Haan I heard from friends that they look at other girls during their wife’s pregnancy. But my attention never goes away from you. Even in preview today I was watching you. How many times you pushed your forehead hair back, how many times you blinked I noted it all!

Naira has tears in her eyes

Naira: Im sorry Kartik

Kartik: Ab please dont do this

He wipes her tears and kisses her

Kartik: I know I dont hug you much as I fear hurting our baby. Thats it. Its not because I love you less it’s because I love you much much more

Naira rests her head on his shoulder. The scene freezes 


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