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Pooja continues at Shah House. Kavya performs aarti with Vanraj looking at him repeatedly while Anu sings bhajan. Other family members also perform aarti next. Baa prays god that her son should be with her till her last breath. Vanraj promises that he will not go away from her. After sometime, Anu enters room busy doing household chores when she hears Vanraj sneezing. Vanraj apologizes and says he came into room to correct his tika. She says even she didn’t notice him. He says whatever she did today was not easy. Anu sees white rose and reminisces earlier incident where she wishes happy birthday to Vanraj and gives him flowers, but he as usual rudely behaves with her. Out of flashback, she says their love has ended, why people consider only love and hatred as important, only those 2 are not important in life and there may be another way where there is no love or hatred and when 2 people meet, they don’t have to feel guilty and meet happily and leave on their own way; they can try to do this. He nods yes. She gives him white rose and wishes him happy birthday. he says thank you.

In the evening, family gets ready for Vanraj’s birthday party in black attires. Pakhi takes selfie. Bapuji praises Baa that she is looking like Madhubala. She taunts to behave according to his age and asks Kinjal about Rakhi. Kinjal says she gave her sari to wear it according to party theme. Rakhi walks out and asks how is she looking. Kinjal says beautiful. Mamaji flirts with Rakhi. Rakhi angrily asks family to get him treated. Baa says its not her brother’s mistake, she is really looking very beautiful. Rakhi asks if she is dreaming, Baa is praising her beauty, she will collapse. Baa says she can, they will send her home via her car and then party. Vanraj comes out wearing a tuxedo with Anu’s white rose in pocket. Anu notices it. Kavya with Nandini enters and greeting everyone says she got ready in Nandini’s house itself. She praises Pakhi’s theme selection. Pakhi rudely says she didn’t like black and gold theme and said its flashy. Kavya says black and gold combination is looking classy. Rakhi thinks how did this maide ki katori became amrith from poison. Pakhi says let us call Samar and cut cake. Kavya brings cake and stumbles, but Anu holds her on time. Vanraj asks if they both are fine. Pakhi says there cannot be anything wrong where mummy is, she handles everything well. Kavya says yes. Rakhi thinks how did this sautan become saheli. Pakhi says nobody can become like mummy. Sanjay asks Pakhi to call Samar. Pakhi says she called him 3 times already. Dolly says he must be busy and will call later, let us cut the cake till then. Vanraj looking at Baa’s prepared cake says its very beautiful. Kinjal says mummy decorated it. Rakhi taunts that mother prepared cake and wife decorated it, even girlfriend brought a cake. Baa reverts back saying at last she spoke bitter now, she was worried for her.

Pakhi tells Toshu let us cut papa’s cake. Toshu says let us wait for Samar. Samar video calls Pakhi and greets everyone, but seeing Kavya says he will call back later. Anu insists to watch papa’s cake cutting and he agrees. Kavya asks Vanraj to wish before cutting cake. Pakhi says papa knows and she

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