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Bawara Dil 24th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sidhi’s friend shows Shiva’s video in which he is beating Ashish. He says who is this Akka Bai? How could Shiva beat him like that for her? Sidhi’s father recalls how Shiva had given him so much respect. He says I have seen two sides of Shiva so what’s the truth? He asks what really happened? Ashish says I didn’t start the fight. Sidhi’s father says this shouldn’t have happened at this time. Sidhi’s mother Malini says what happened with Sidhi shouldn’t have happened too. It’s useless to talk to you all. Sidhi says what are you talking about Ayi? Ayi says I am not talking about Ashish, what happened with you was wrong, it will bring worse in your life. Malini prays to the lord to not curse to them. She leaves from there.

Malini comes into the kitchen and says they don’t listen to me ever. Sidhi comes there. Malini says you can’t even handle a diya? Sidhi says diya didn’t fall or get burnt. I even put it in the mandir. Malini says I told you that only you and your would-be husband can touch that diya, your fast broke because of it. She asks Sidhi to go away. Sidhi says talk to me. Malini says let me cook and leave me alone. Sidhi asks Malini to bless her and nobody will be able to curse her. Malini says my blessing is not that strong. Sidhi says a mother can save her child from God as well. Malini says but we have to follow the rituals otherwise God will be angry at us. Sidhi says why will God punish us if he is our protector? I have learned that God never takes anything away from anyone. Everything will be fine. Malini is trying to use a blender but gets angry. Sidhi says you haven’t even plugged it and you are cursing it? She plugs it and says now it’s running. Malini laughs and says you can talk so much. She asks Sidhi to call everyone for dinner. Sidhi goes.

Sidhi comes to the family and asks them to come for dinner. They all are in the garden and see Shiva arriving there with his goons. Shiva takes off his shoes and calls Sidhi’s father. He tells him that we met twice today. He tells him that he should take my sorry and give your thank you to me. He touches his feet and says I have come to apologize to you. What Ashish did was wrong so I won’t say sorry to him but I didn’t know he was your guest so I am sorry. Sidhi’s father accepts his sorry. Shiva starts leaving but he comes to Ashish and says my name is Shiva Lashkare, remember this name. Sidhi looks on as Shiva tells Ashish that you shouldn’t mess with me. Shiva tells Sidhi’s father why your house so calm when there is a wedding going on? I can call a DJ. Sidhi’s father says that’s not needed, he holds his hands so Shiva smiles and leaves from there. Sidhi is angry and says he beat Ashish and now he dared to come here. She tells her father that if that man comes here again then.. he asks her to calm down, you shouldn’t be angry and if you are then you should eat your Ayi’s food. Sidhi smiles.

Scene 2
Sidhi is eating dinner with her family. Her brother Sagar says I will send invitation to everyone. Sidhi’s father says I went to Akka Bai’s house today but her secretory took the card from us and says she won’t be able to come to the wedding. Sidhi’s brother Sagar says why? If she had come to the wedding then it would have honored us. I shouldn’t have given this duty to you. Malini asks him to stop it. She asks Sidhi why she is not eating? Sidhi says I am not hungry. Malini sits with her and says why not? I will make you eat with my hands. Sidhi smiles and eats from her hands. Malini tells Sidhi that I know God will bless us and there will be no trouble in your wedding.

In the morning, Malini asks her husband to read horoscope for Sidhi. He reads that something that never happened will happen today. Malini says what will that be? He says nothing will happen, these newspapers write foolish things. She asks him to read more, he reads that Sidhi shouldn’t mess with a wrong person today. Malini looks on.

Shiva’s friend Jalwa says I will read your horoscope. He reads that something weird will happen with you today and his fate will change today.

Malini is looking around for Sidhi but Sidhi is gardening outside. She takes some soil from there and takes it to her room. Malini comes there and asks what she will do with these things? Sidhi says I can’t take you with me to Pune so I will take memories of here with me. Malini finds some other things in her box, she finds her bangles there. Sidhi says I will remember you when I hear their sound. Sidhi says baba used to write letters to me and keep it under my pillow everynight. I will take them with me. Malini finds a saree in her box and says you can take a new one. Sidhi says I can’t sleep without wearing it, I smell you when I drape it around me. Malini cries and hugs her.

Sidhi comes to the market and gives her blouse to the tailor. Sidhi starts leaving but Shiva is running from there and strikes with her. Sidhi falls down but doesn’t see his face. Sidhi starts leaving from there but hears a girl’s cries from afar. Sidhi goes to check and sees a girl crying while clutching her chest. Shiva is standing in front of her while holding her dupatta. Sidhi is stunned. The girl takes the dupatta from Shiva and covers herself. Shiva awkwardly starts leaving from there. Sidhi glares at him.
PRECAP – Sidhi comes to the crying girl. Sidhi tells her father that I helped that girl, I told her we can file an FIR but she denied it. A man comes to Sidhi and says a girl was harassed but you or that girl didn’t complain. You will get married but that girl might commit a suicide.
Akka Bai comes to Sidhi’s house to bless her. Sidhi sees Shiva bringing her palanquin and says to her father to throw it away. I will never sit in this palanquin.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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