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Scene 1
Lakhan is planning to steal from the mandir. His goon tells him that it’s not easy to steal from there as there is too much security. Lakhan says there is nothing impossible. Keep an eye on everything there. Lakhan sees Durga gone and says where did she go? Find her.

Durga comes outside the mandir and the door is locked. She says I have to do something and stops Lakhan from stealing from the mandir. Durga sees her priest and says Prohit baba? She calls out to him. He comes to her and asks who are you? Durga says you don’t know me in this life but we met 70 years later. He says what? Durga says I can’t tell you everything right now. Just meet me tomorrow morning near the mountain, it’s about someone’s life so please do come.

Lakhan is looking around for Durga. She comes back to him. He asks where did you go? she says I was not feeling well. He says come with me. He puts her on his horse and rides away.

Tara and others are playing carom in the house. Alok says we have to prepare for the wedding. Damini says Dev and Geeto will married on Navratri only which is in 9 days. Geeto says I have to talk to my designer to get my lehenga. Ketki and Nitu fight over clothes. Damini says don’t forget Geeto. Dev comes there and asks who is getting married? Amresh says you and Geeto. He is stunned and recalls how she can become a ghost. Dev says my friend will come. Amresh asks him to sit with Geeto but Dev runs away. All look on.

Dev cries in his room and says why didn’t you come Durga? I am scared so please come and meet me.

Durga is trying to sleep but she feels Dev calling out to her. she wakes up and says Prohit baba can help me but will he accept that I have come from the future?

Durga meets Prohit baba in the morning. He says you think I will believe your story of coming from the future? Durga says I know it sounds strange but trust me I am not lying,
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