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Hello everyone! I am back with another update. Thank you so much everyone for your immense love and support. This is the first time I am writing a FF. Infact, It is my first time writing anything. So, I was not expecting this much love. I’ll try my best to fulfill all your expectations. Thank you once again❤️❤️😍😘😊😊😍😘❤️😍❤️❤️ 

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Chapter 7: Double Trouble!!!

In VR Mansion,
Vansh came back to the mansion after meeting Riddhima. He directly went towards Sia’s room. He knocked the door and Sia opened.
S: Bhai!! You here!!!
V: Sia I need to Talk to you.
Sia saw his hand bleeding.
S: Bhai!!! What happened to your hand? First let me do your bandage.
V: Its nothing Sia. But What I want to talk about is really urgent.
S: Whatever it is but It is not more important to me than bandaging your wound and moreover, You can’t say NO to a doctor!!
V(smiled): So, My sister has started commanding me?? Huh??
S: Its not like that bhai. (Bandaging his hand) Bhai!! You are my everything. Nothing is more important to me than You. You have taken care of all of us after Dad’s death. But you never care about yourself. You just take all our pain to yourself and never let anyone heal it (Turning her emotional tone to commanding one) So…. Being your sister, I very well know how to deal with this stubbornness of yours. Thats why I am commanding You.
V(impressed): I am impressed. My Sia has grown up now that she is commanding his brother in a full doctor style…(hugging her) proud of you princess!!!
S(breaking the hug): Bhai! Whats the thing you wanna talk about??
V(serious): Sia! I want to ask you about Riddhima.
S: What about her?
V: Did she force you to sign any contract?
S: No bhai!! Why would she force me?
V: I mean to say that have you signed any contract given by Riddhima?
S: Yes Bhai! The internship contract! It was a contract of joining for 6 months. I have to work with her for 6 months and I can’t leave my job during this time period. Otherwise, I will have to spend next six years in jail.
V: When you have known this Sia then Why did you sign the contract?
S: Because Bhai it was a dream come true to work with her. I wanted to join this thats why I didn’t pay heed to any terms and conditions. I just signed it.
V: You didn’t do it right Sia!
S: I am sorry Bhai but at that time I have not known about the differences between you and Riddhima. If I have known then I would not have signed them bhaiya.
V(Confused): What differences are you talking about? ( to himself)Has she got to know about our past? No no This can’t happen.
S: Of course Bhai! The fights between you and her. Whole hospital witness them daily. I don’t know the reason but definitely you both have some differences maybe regarding your….past? ( She asked this to clear her suspicion As if Shooting an arrow in the darkness)
V(confused): What past??? No no we don’t have any past.. It just because of her aaaaa( He doesn’t know what excuse to make) I mean her stubbornness and attitude. I can’t let you work with such people.
S: Bhai!! She is extremely professional thats why you have observed this attitude otherwise She is very calm, polite and understanding. She doesn’t act like a boss. She deals with all the staff as family.
V: I am just concerned about you. Please just take care of yourself and if she does anything wrong with you, if you get a doubt about her just tell me immediately. I will deal with her.
S: Don’t worry Bhaiya. I have studied in London staying alone for 6 years and you are thinking that I can’t take care of myself (puppy face). Please bhaiya let me work in that hospital. Please
V: Ok ok fine you can continue your job. Just don’t show these puppy faces to me.
Saying so, He left towards his room and sia locked the door.
S(smiling): Thank you so much Riddhima! Your plan worked brilliantly.

Flashback starts,
Sia taking Kabir’s advice, went to talk to Riddhima in her cabin.
Sia: May I come in Ma’am?
R: Sure Sia!
S(hesitating): Ma’am I wanna talk about something?
R(concerned): What is it Sia? Is everything alright?
S: Actually Ma’am the thing is….( she narrated the whole incident about how Ishani and Vansh are hell bent on persuading her to leave the job and her keen desire to work with her)
S: Ma’am! I don’t know why they are not letting me work here but I want to work here not just for 6 months but actually if I get the opportunity then I can devote my whole life in working in this hospital under your supervision! I want to be like you one day!
R(smiles): So, this is the thing that is keeping you tensed? Huh? I can understand and I have a solution for this but promise me that this will remain between you and me only. You will not tell anything to anyone not even your brother Vansh with whom you discuss everything.
S: Sure mam! (Realizing) How do you know that I share everything with bhai?
R(realizing what she just siad): Aaaa. I mean I have seen your bonding with him. I was just…making an assumption.
S: Oh! So, Whats the plan Ma’am!
R: You have to do one thing only. If he asks you about any contract, Just tell him that you have signed it and u know that its for 6 months otherwise you’ll have to go to jail.
S: What!! I haven’t signed any contract like this. The contract I have signed was just about my joining. There was nothing like this mentioned in it. It was written that I can leave my job at any time.
R: I know Sia! But now I’ll make a fake contract and you will sign that. Don’t worry it will be fake. The real one is that you have actually signed while joining. In this way, Bound by the contract terms, Your bhai will surely let you work as he will never let you go to jail. If penalty money was demanded in the fake contract then He will not spent more than a minute to pay the penalty money. So, I think the condition of going jail is better. Right?
S: But If he asks me that why I signed it then
R: Just tell him about your passion as you have told me. If he questions further, then tell him that you didn’t know about our differences while signing. It will be enough for him. He will not say anything more.
S: But!
R: Don’t worry Sia! Just talk confidently and leave the rest to me(winking)
Sia smiles.
R: And ya one more thing! Call me riddhima!
S: sure!
Flashback ends.

Sia(to herself): I was sure about one thing that they both have definitely got some differences. By talking to Riddhima, I became a lil bit suspicious that how can she know so much about bhai? But looking at the behaviour of Bhai! Its proved that they were related to each other in the past and they knew each other very well. Mayebe its a Love Story!! I have to tell this to Kabir. He’ll surely help me to know the truth.

In Vansh’s room,
Angre: You called me Vansh?
V: Ya Angre!! That Riddhima is now crossing her limits!!(furious)
A: What had she done now?
Vansh narrated the whole incident about the contract and Sia.
V: Now I am bound to do agree with her just because of Sia. Vansh RaiSinghania has never taken orders. Infact, He commands and orders others. But this Riddhima!! She is getting on my nerves now.
A: Actually! I wanna tell you one more thing! I found something about her.
V(desparate): What?
A: You told me to search about the person who was facilitating Riddhima financially when She was studying in medical college.
V: Yeah..7 years ago, Riddhima’s parents died in a car accident when She was studying in that college. After their death, She told everyone including Sejal that her uncle is facilitating her financial needs. But she had never told anything about him. I wanted to know about him but she used to change the topic always. I think her uncle can give us information that we needed. I want to know how she became doctor even after her being rusticated from that college on my orders.?
A: His name is Manish Raichand! He is a billionaire business tycoon of Spain and also an extremely dangerous Mafia Don.
V: Manish Raichand!!! Who is he? I have deep approaches but I have never heard about him. Angre, Send your men to him. I want every information about Riddhima.
A: Well, I don’t think he’ll help. He won’t tell you anything.
V: Why?
A: Because No one has ever seen him since past 7 years. Manish Raichand is another mystery. He has approaches both in business world and mafia underworld. Its even difficult to approach him.
V: Interesting very interesting!!!
A: But one thing is very shocking Vansh!
V: What!
A: He operates from Spain. No one knows anything about his residence or hide outs. He became active 7 years ago in Spain when he joined Mafia world And before that He was living in India. And In indian Government records, He was declared dead 7 years ago.
V:(shocked):What!! How can this be possible??
A: I don’t know Vansh but I am now sure that this is the reason we are not able to get information about Riddhima. Manish Raichand is behind all her business and supporting her, keeping her information confidential. Even his own Information is extremely Confidential.
V(frustrated ): I knew it! This Riddhima is not a simple doctor Angre. I am sure she has some dangerous motives. Its not just a simple hospital thing! Its damn more deep and dangerous.
A: How are we going to find about her? First, only Riddhima was a mystery but now, This Manish Raichand!! Another trouble.
V: Riddhima Is becoming a mystery for me. The more I try to solve this puzzle the more I myself got puzzled. Now I’ll personally spy on her all movements. Your men are not needed now. I want to solve this mystery ASAP. First, We have to find out about her motives.
Angre nodded.

Next day in hospital, Sia was checking the patients when Kabir came to her.
K: Hi
S: Hi
There was a silence then for a moment.
K: Actually….I want to say sorry for yesterday.
S: For what!
K: Aaa! I guess for the coffee fight. I shouldn’t have argued with you.
S:(laughing) When did I say that I am Angry on you. Infact I enjoyed that fight alot.
K: Hahhaaha. I enjoyed it too.
S: But I am sorry too for arguing.
K: Oh leave it.
S: By the way, You looked cute all drenched in coffee
K: You yourself looked no less.
They both gave each other a high five. Then, realized what they both are doing. Sia was embarrassed, first for calling him cute and then becoming too much frank with him. Kabir realized her embarrassment.
K: Don’t!
S: Huh?
K: Don’t hesitate that much Sia. I guess We can be friends rather than just being colleagues?
S: Yeah but…
Kabir forwarded his hand,
K: Lets restart! Hi! I am Kabir Mathur!
S: I am Sia Raisinghania!!
K: So, Would you like to come over coffee with me?
S: Yeah let me complete my shift
K: Not here. Lets go the cafe outside the hospital. I am just bored with this environment.
S: Haha. Me too a lil bit.
K: Give me a hug girl! Friendships start with a friendly hug!
They both were chitchatting and hugging each other totally forgetting about others who were present there.
Riddhima interrupted their conversation.
R(clearing her throat): If you both are done restarting your meet and greet software then let me tell you that there is alot of work here. So, you better postpone your outing plannings.(sarcastically) You can go on a date some other day. I have got some work for you.
Kabir and Sia Immediately got back. They were so embarrassed that they bowed down their head looking in other directions avoiding the gazes of Riddhima. Riddhima smiled at their cuteness.
R: Don’t be so much embarrassed my cuties that I keep on adoring you both and forget the work I am here for.
K: What is it?
R: Actually, I am arranging a medical camp and Sia! You will be the head of that camp.
S(surprised): Really???
R: Yeah! And Kabir you are going to supervise that camp and make sure to arrange everything. (Gesturing him)
Kabir understood that she wants her to protect Sia while she works for camp. Kabir nodded.
K: Don’t worry. I’ll handle everything.
S: Will I be able to do it?
R: Sia! I trust you completely. Give your best! (Serious) Now both of you get back to work.

Riddhima left to her cabin. Sia and kabir left the hospital to the designated place of medical camp. Meanwhile, Sejal came to hospital. After asking receptionist, she came to Riddhima. Her cabin was open and riddhima was busy in her laptop.
S: Riddhima!
Riddhima looked up and for a moment, she was motionless. Composing herself,
R: Hi! Sejal.
S: (hesitating): How are you?
R: How I look?
Sejal eyed her from top to bottom.
S: You…You look changed. You look very different.
R: So am I. (Trying to supress her emotions)
S: I am surprised! So, Finally, You achieved your dream. You wanted to be rich surgeon. So you are today,
Riddhima was hurt at the word “rich”, because she only wanted to be a surgeon. But all thanks to the past, that now everyone considered her a money minded personality. But now, She is least bothered about others opinion about her.
R: Yeah I guess so.
It was a completely awkward conversation. Riddhima and Sejal were more than best friends but now it seems that they are totally strangers to each other.
S: I think Its not right to talk here. Can we have a little catchup in the nearest cafe?
R: Sure.
They left the hospital to the nearest cafe.

In VR mansion,

Dadi was in her room. She was not feeling well. There was no one at home. Ishani has also gone out with her friends. She called Sia but she didn’t pick up so, She called in the hospital to talk to sia. She called on Sia’s cabin telephone.
Aryan happened to pass by Sia’s cabin. He heard the phone ringing and immediately picked up.
A: Hello!
Dadi: Hello, Can I talk to Sia. I am her dadi, Suhasini RaiSinghania. (She said with low painful voice)
A(observing her tone): She has gone for a medical camp. Ma’am you don’t seem fine to me. What happened?
D: Beta! I am not feeling well. I just want Sia to check me once as There is no one at home and I can’t come to Hospital alone.
A(to himself): Riddhima mam is so much concerned about them and moreover there is something called humanity Aryan! You should help her. (To dadi): Mam Don’t worry! I am coming to take you. Actually Riddhima mam is not in hospital now otherwise she herself would have come with me. I will take you to hospital and Here, I will ask her to come back. Just wait a lil bit. I am coming. You are in VR mansion right?
D: Don’t worry beta! I’ll be fine.
A: Its ok. You are calling me beta and not even taking my help? Thats not fair. I am just coming.
Saying so, he cut the call and went to VR mansion.

In cafe, Sejal and riddhima were just sipping coffee and not even speaking much. Breaking their silence, Sejal spoke,
S: So…Where were you all these years? I mean You became successful in all these years but never showed up.
R: Mumbai is not my world to show up. If you’ll come to Delhi then I am damn sure there would be atleast one person who can tell you about me.
S: So, You live in Delhi? You used to love Mumbai alot then why Delhi?
R: Mumbai hates me I guess.
S: Mumbai doesn’t hate you. YOU don’t love Mumbai. You just faked it.
(Here, By mumbai, sejal meant Vansh and Riddhima understood this. It was like a cold war)
R: I am a perfectionist Sejal! I don’t FAKE anything. And I don’t give a damn about people who think I am fake including YOU.
(Her tone was filled with anger and rage. She was helpless. She can hide her pain from all the world but the person sitting in front of her was her ex-best friend. It was a little difficult to supress her feelings because she was an open book in front of her)
Sejal was shocked that how much Riddhima has changed.
S: You have changed so much riddhima. You were never like this.
R: Time has changed me Sejal.
Riddhima can’t take it anymore so she stood up and said,
R: Its better we end it here Sejal. There is nothing left to talk about.
Saying so, she left from there. She was hurt how still sejal blames her rather than listening to her side of story. And Sejal was also hurt because of Riddhima’s anger.

In VR mansion, Aryan came to take dadi to hospital. He already knew about VR mansion as Riddhima has asked him to keep an eye on the mansion. He went to dadi’s room where she was laying unconcious, he checked her pulse and immediately guided the hospital staff towards Dadi ‘s room and he himself waited outside. Ishani who has came recently, didn’t noticed the ambulance or the hospital staff, she only noticed Aryan standing in the hall and immediately went to him.
I: What the hell are you doing here? Haven’t you got enough in the hospital that you came here.
A: Actually..
I(cutting him): What?? You still have guts to stand in front of me and even in MY MANSION. You know what I didn’t expected you to be so this much cheap. If Bhai had been here he would have killed you.
A: Ishani ! I..
I: Just shut up! You and your boss that Riddhima you all have become headache for me. She is so cheap and even you are no less. Don’t you have any self respect?
Aryan can bear anything but when it comes to Riddhima, his anger level rises to the peak.
A: Oh just shut up!! (He was so loud that even Ishani got scared for a second) First observe your surroundings then give this useless lecture of yours.
At that moment, the nurses brought dadi out on stretcher. Ishani looked at dadi and she got shocked.
I(Shocked): Dadi!!! What happened to you? Open your eyes!
She went to aryan.
I: What happened to Dadi? What have you done?
Aryan didn’t replied and went to his car. Staff put dadi in the ambulance and Ishani was standing at the front door. She was panicking. Aryan observed her and then he spoke,
A: If you wanna come, You can come in my car.

Ishani immediately sit in the car and Aryan drove to the hospital. In the way, he also called Riddhima to inform her. She had already reached the hospital. Ishani called everyone to inform about dadi. They also reached there. Dadi was taken to the emergency room where Riddhima was already present with everything prepared. In the way, Ishani informed Vansh and Angre. Sia also came back from the camp with Kabir.
Vansh also reached at the same time. They were all waiting outside. Ishani and Sia were crying on Vansh’s shoulder. Aryan was standing with Kabir.
K: How did this all happened?
Aryan: Actually, Dadi called in the hospital. ( he narrated the whole incident to everyone)
Sia: Thank you so much Aryan. If you haven’t been there, Anything could have happened to dadi.
V: Yeah. Thanks Aryan. You have done a big favour on me.
Aryan smiled and his glance fall on Ishani who was staring him in guilt. He ignored her and went to his cabin.
Angre: Sia! Why don’t you go in and check Dadi?
Sia: I can’t Bhai. Its against the rules of hospital. Dadi is my family therefore I can’t go in.
V: What kind of rule is this?
K: Its because if its about family then doctor becomes emotionally tensed and in this condition, He can’t give his best treatment and Riddhima mam can’t accept anything less than perfect.
After that, Riddhima came outside. She looked worried.
V: What happened?
I: Is she fine?
S: Riddhima please say something.
R(tensed): She is better now. She will get concious after half an hour. I have checked her. Her reports will come within 2 hours. Don’t worry.
V: But What happened to her?
She didn’t replied and went to her office. Vansh followed her behind. She was standing in the window and her back was facing Vansh.
V: I asked you WHAT HAPPENED TO DADI? Riddhima! Not again. Don’t show your attitude this time. She is my dadi and I have every right to know about her.
R: Major Cardiac Arrest!! Heart Attack!


Done with the update. So guys, I need your help today. I was writing past revelation (part-1) episode today. Got stuck at a point. I had thought of this Past revelation to be half storytelling style and half flashbacks. Because its a story of 2 years till the time Riddhima left. It will become so long to first write their meet-up, bonding then coming all through to the betrayal and separation. So, if I tell each and every moment in flashbacks then it will become upto past revelations Part 6-7. Here, I want to end it in 2 parts. One showing their bonding and other showing their separation. So, I thought to write this way. If you are not ok with this then I will write it in thoroughly flashbacks. The choice is all upon you all. And yes Don’t worry about Riansh moments and bondings. I will obviously show them but completing these past revelations. The fun will be the same, the romance will be same, the thrill will be the same. So, please drop your comments for today’s episode and my question too.

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