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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Farhad says to Raghav to rest and he will cancel all the meetings, Raghav says custom officer from Delhi is coming right? and he is the one who has lot of problems? Farhad says yes, Raghav says arrange my meeting, Farhad says he is showing lot of attitude and also said he wants to visit some temple which isn’t happening, Raghav says find which temple it is I will take him there.

Pallavi and Sharda reach temple, Sharda says why is this cue so long this doesn’t happen usually, Pallavi says I will go check, Pallavi asks management why is Darshan not started, Guard says temple is closed for VIP darshan, Pallavi says your VIP hasn’t arrived yet and you are troubling people who are already here, crowd support Pallavi, Pallavi asks who is your VIP, Raghav’s car reaches and he walks out with custom officer and his family, Raghav sees people waiting and asks Farhad why are they waiting, Farhad says officer wanted to take darshan alone with his family, Raghav says what nonsense, arrange some biscuits and food for them and chairs for old people and ask Pandit to finish officers darshan in 5 minutes its not good to make so many people waiting and troubling, Pallavi sees Raghav and starts scolding him, Vijay arrives in temple and says your phone’s are not reachable and you two were taking so long so I came here, where is Pallavi.
Raghav scares Pallavi, Pallavi says keep your pride away atleast here, Raghav says you and your thoughts keep with you, Pallavi says tempel is public property and all have equal rights, Raghav says stop your mother india dialogue get lost, Vijay stops Raghav and says how dare you, don’t you know how to talk to lady and such people in name of VIP darshan keep troubling us, crowd cheers against Raghav and rush into temple, Raghav has past life flashes and he falls down, Pallavi rushes to him, Farhad sees them and rush to them.

Sulochana in Pallavi’s room finding money, Nikhil walks into room, Sulochana hides, Nikhil keaves, Sulochana finds Pallavi’s saree without Jari and says oh so she sold jari what a mind.

Vijay and Pallavi reach home, they see Sulochana and girls looking at expensive gift, Sulochana says Mansi you are so lucky that you have rich maternal relative’s look they got you expensive gifts, here no one cares for you, Sharda says stop it Sulochana you know we love her too, Sulochana says is it, everyone gave her gifts except her Kaka kaku, Mansi says I don’t need gifts from them, Sulcohana says you are so kind, and I know Mandar isn’t here but you say you have Pallavi so why do this, Sharda says enough Sulochana we are getting her gifts why are you behaving this way, Sulochana says I want her Kelvan tomorrow, Mansi says Kaku I don’t want any gifts, Pallavi thinks Sharda’s self respect is more important and says kaku arrange Kelvab tomorrow, Shardha says are you sure, Pallavi says yes.

Milind says Sulochana you bought all this from my credit card.
Sulochana says shut up.

Customer officer insults Raghav says you sent my wife hospital, Raghav gets an argument with him, He gets angry and leaves. Farhad says learn to control your anger or we will be in great problem. Raghav says this is all because of that girl, she made big mistake by messing with me.

Raghab making designs, Farhad tells Raghav that their 50 lakh consignment got caught, Raghav says find a man who has no record and needs money for customs, and first I have to do something of this girl.

Pallavi sees Jagdish, Jagdish says you wasted my day, Pallavi says I couldn’t manage rent, give me 3 days I will surely arrange rent, Jagdish says last 3 days and after that I don’t know what I will do with you and your shop.
Sulochana calls Jagdish and says why did you give her time do something that makes her helpless listen to me and it will work.

Pallavi and Krishna at shop, Pallavi says this time our handloom sarees will be sold and with discount it will be and in 3 days I need 55000₹, Krishna says we need some celebrity for that, Raghav arrives.

Pre cap: Raghav tears Pallavi’s new saree stock and says this is your punishment for messing with me.
Farhad calls Raghav and asks him to come to Kurtis house quickly

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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