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Hello guys I hope you all are doing well

First of all yesterday I forgot to add Angre in prologue so I want to tell that Angre is same (like in show)

So here’s our first episode begins

VR MANSION   (9:00 AM)

DADI – ohhh God so much work is left. Just some days are left for ishani’s wedding. How I’ll handle all this alone?

ARYAN – relax Dadi.. Siya told me yesterday that she knows a best party planner. She’ll do all preparations for our ishani’s wedding. So now just chill Dadi ✌️

DADI – OKAY Aryan I trust siya. When that planner is coming?

A girl enters in Mansion and says

SEJAL – And here I’m 😊 (Aryan is just busy in viewing sejal 🤭)

DADI – Who are you beta? (Then ask aryan just from eyes)

ARYAN – I Think she is that kajal party planner.

SEJAL – It’s sejal not kajal Mr.

Then aryan cut her in between and says

ARYAN – I’m Aryan Raisinghania and I’m not married just bachelor 😎

SEJAL – OKAY Don’t worry I’ll also find a girl for u 🤣🤣. Dadi I’m sejal a party planner I hope Siya told you about me.

Again aryan cuts her in between

ARYAN – I told Dadi about you and I know you will do best arrangements as you are best.

Sejal ignores him 🤭

DADI – yes beta okay so now I’m happy bcoz u r here. I hope you will give ur best and yes just some days are left for wedding. please do fast..

SEJAL – Dadi if u don’t mind can I call my partner for help as You are saying just some days are left.

Dadi – sure beta. but I want everything done till wedding.

SEJAL – okay Dadi she’ll come till day after tomorrow as currently she is not here. And till that time I’ll handle everything

DADI – OKAY but now I hv to go market. You can start your work and yes please I want you and your friend to stay here till wedding.

Sejal – sure Dadi I’ll ( now Dadi goes to market) hey Mr. Please tell where is Siya’s room I want to meet her.

ARYAN – Go straight then left room is hers. wait I’ll take u to her.

SEJAL – no need I’ll go myself (she goes from hall) I hv to tell her to come here (she calls her)

New York

In a big hospital A pretty girl is seen doing check up of a cute baby then she plays with her

Girl – Aunty now your grandson is completely fine. and her legs are working.  so now don’t worry.

Old lady – Beta I don’t know how to thank you (she started crying) sorry I can’t give your fees I don’t have money beta.

Girl : please don’t cry Aunty. I just want to see him walking with his legs.  And yes don’t worry about fees I don’t want. Now don’t cry.

OLD lady – thanks beta (she goes from there)

Then telephone started ringing and manger goes to check Then manger calls his mam and says

Manager – mam your friend is calling please talk to her.

Girl – I’m coming (she takes call) yes

Sejal – offo ridhu!!! (So this is ridhima) why aren’t you picking call on mobile. See I called many times

Ridhima – sorry sejal I’ll not repeat it again.

Sejal – ohk. Ridhu can u come India I need your help. Please.

Ridhima – sure even I was thinking to come there. I’ll come.

Sejal – ohk. Ridhu one more thing please come till day after tomorrow.

Ridhima – hmm ohk but now please stop I have to pack my things to come otherwise I’ll be late. Byeee Take care!!

Sejal – yeah meet you soon. Byee take care of yourself too. (They hang up call)


Now sejal is going to Siya’s room then she sees a lizard and runs from there she sees Aryan and hugs her.

Aryan – Hey what happened? I know I’m hot but it doesn’t mean that u ll hug me 😉

Sejal – what?? Shut up I just saw I lizard that’s why I was running (she moves to go from there but she slips and falls on Aryan they both falls on ground)

Aryan – ohh. So now what’s this for (Aryan is happy in mind)

They both stand up

Sejal – sorry!!!! (She goes from there without saying anything more as she’s shy)

Siya comes to Aryan and says

Siya – what happened Bhai u seems like happy.

Aryan – nothing siya I just saw a beautiful flower in our house just thinking about flower.

Siya – okay Bhai

So now this is for today I hope you are enjoying this story 😊

if u want any changes so please comment bcoz this is for your entertainment and if u don’t like it then what is the need of it.

And in next episode our great VR will enter

byeee take care friends

Lots of love from me 💖💖

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