Swipe of love : The bitter truth – Episode: 24 – Telly Updates

Disclaimer: the following episode is a work of fiction


Riddhima and vansh returned from Maldives they were in thier flight remembering the time spent together.they reached mumbai Aaryan and Kabir along with angre to pick them up .

Aaryan: hii riddhu

Riddhima: hii

Kabir: so how was ur trip

Riddhima: oh it was the best

They sat in the car and reached vr mansion

Dadi welcomed them they had thier breakfast and left to thier rooms Kabir went towards dadi

Kabir: dadi please don’t do this with me how can I marry someone with whom I’ll never be happy .

Dadi : Kabir remember Aaryan is a good person no doubt but If you marry a person of your gender I will not tolerate what will people say aage chaar logo ke saamne kya hoga humara ( scolded him)

Kabir: ( anger) dadi I will get married to Aaryan of no one else and stop thinking about those 4 ppl who don’t care a damn about u care about what those ppl who only know how taunt others really dadi what about ur grandson huh ! What about him I’ve sacrificed half of my life decisions for u I wanted to be a social worker no u didn’t let that happen u forced ur decision on me now,now when my life has bought me here I cannot stay sad my entire life by marrying some random girl I WILL MARRY ONLY AARYAN AND THAT’S FINAL.

He saw dadi with moist eyes and realised his behaviour he felt like a big rock had been lifted from his heart after all these years but he couldn’t stand seeing dadi with moist eyes


Dadi showed her palm and stopped him she turned around to leave and said: Do whatever u want .

She left Kabir broke he went to his room Aaryan concoled him .he hugged him tight and cried in his shoulders

Kabir: I shouldn’t have said that

Aaryan: sh shh.. it will be fine, whag I said wasn’t wrong how u said was wrong.


Vansh and riddhima were unpacking

Riddhima: I’m worried

Vansh : why

Riddhima: dadi is angry with Kabir and that just doesn’t seem fine .

Vansh : riddhu  relax everything will be fine ok?

She nodded her head.

Vansh : u know I too deserve some concern (winks)

Riddhima: what do you mean?

He looked at her getting closer to her : I mean this

He kissed her she tried to push him away but he wouldn’t stop he bit her earlobe and then gave wt kisses to her collerbone which made her moan

Riddhima : vaaansh stop.

Vansh :I’m afraid I can’t

Theysuddenly jerked when they heard

Sejal : bhabhi

Thank fully she was looking at the sheets of paper she was carrying.

The moved away and adjusted thier hair and clothes.

Vansh : haan Sejal

Sejal : bhai I need bhabhis  help .

Riddhima: yes Sejal let’s go

Vansh looks at her with puppy eyes riddhima winks at him as she goes.

Meanwhile it was dinner everyone had dinner Kabir went to his room he was pacing around his room when his neck suddenly jerked which caused him unbearable pain

Kabir: aaah

Aaryan who heard him came running: what happened you fine ?

Kabir: my neck it hurts

Aaryan: wait I’ll Massage It

Kabir Removed his shirt and Aaryan started massaging with hot oil after he was done Kabir turned around and hugged him they were sharing an eyelock which was broken by thier kiss Kabir kissed his eyes and earlobe then went to the crook of his neck Aaryan kissed his lips with more affection he gave hin wet kisses and then slowly they made love.

It was around midnight Riddhima awoke she ran to the washroom feeling nausea she came back and again cuddled with vansh and slept.

The next day Kabir and Aaryan were cuddled up together

Kabir: gm.

Aaryan : gm.

He kissed hi crown

Meanwhile riddhima woke up again feeling nausea she ran to the bathroom.

Riddhima: what is happening ,I’ve been getting pregnancy symptoms should I get it checked I’ll get it checked today.

  1. Precap: I’m pregnant 🥳

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