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Teri Laadli Mein 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bitti sees unconscious Surendra’s hand bleeding, tears her dupatta and ties it around him. She cries holding his hand on her head. Pita se hai naam plays in the background. A man among mob asks if this girl is this man’s daughter. Someone says she is his servant. Man says she is acting like his daughter. She stops a passing by truck and requests for help. Truck driver agrees. She gets Surendra into truck with mob’s help and heads towards home. At home, Daadi yells at Urmila to finish cleaning utensils soon and do other chores. She sees tempo stopping outside house and asks if she ordered something. Urmila says she didn’t. They both stand shocked seeing Bitti holding unconscious Surendra. Urmila reminisces Surendra warning Bitti to dare not touch him or come in front of him in life. Daadi runs worried for Surendra and seeing Bitti holding his hand yells that she spoilt her son’s dharm and warns to leave it. Bitti signals she will not. They take him inside home and make him lie on bed. Urmila asks what happened to Surendra. Bitti signals that she found him unconscious on floor. Urmila says she should taken him to hospital. Bitti signals that truck driver dropped her home. Urmila calls doctor via daadi’s mobile. Surendra opens eyes. Bitti runs to her room and happily reminiscing seeing Surendra’s face for the first them and getting blessings from his hand completes Surendra’s incomplete face in her family sketch.

After sometime, Daadi asks Urmila how is Surendra now. Urmila says he is better now. Daadi says Surendra left his job, so how will they manage home expenses. Bitti signals Urmila to come to her. Urmila walks to her. Bitti signals her to wear a good sari and accompany her out. Urmila says she will manage Daadi and will come later. Daadi hearing their conversation thinks mother and daughter want to go out and enjoy, she will catch them red handed and trash them. Bitti takes Urmila to Akshat’s office. Raju peon asks if she brought her mother and taking Urmila’s blessings says its a big day for her daughter as she will get a cooking job if she passes a cooking test today. Urmila says Daadi and Surendra will create a problem if they find out about her job. Daadi enters and yells they left her hungry at home and came here to enjoy food. Raju says her granddaughter is getting a job. Bitti says she wants to work and help papa in home expenses. Daadi yells that she will inform Surendra. Raju requests to let Bitti work as he will be relieved from cooking food. Daadi continues yelling. He says he will ask boss to keep someone else then. Daadi permits. He thanks her and leaves. Daadi yells at Bitti to do all household chores, deliver tiffins, and then come here. Urmila hugs Bitti and blessings her to achieve more success in life. Daadi continues yelling at them and takes Urmila along.

Bitti prepares snacks. Akshat announces staff that Bitti has prepared snacks for them, so they should taste it and inform whether he should hire her as head cook or not. They all clap and wish best of luck to Bitti. Akshat also wishes her all the best and looks at her serving snacks to guests. Mujhko Hai Tujhse plays in the background. Staff likes snacks. Bitti then serves coffee to Akshat. Akshat praises it. Manager says he never had such a tasty kachori in life. Sakshi enters. Manager asks her to taste snacks prepared by new chef. She tastes and like it asks who is new chef. He points at Bitti. She gets angry seeing Bitti.

Precap: Sakshi orders Akshat to terminate Bitti from job. Akshat says he will not as he will not ignore a talent just because Sakshi didn’t like it. Later he sees Bitti watering his planted rose plant and hopes Sakshi would also care for him like Bitti. Sakshi determines to take revenge from Bitti.

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