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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

SScene 1
Seema calls Jogi and says come and give the milk. Mahi has her roka today. She can’t come. Jogi is shocked. He says it’s her special day. Her rokka today. I don’t want her special day to be ruined because of me. Jogi says I will see Mahi’s roka today. He recalls their moments together. JJogi recalls his moments with Mahi. He looks at the kaleerain. He says Durga, it’s about my name. It’s Mahi’s roka. I have to give Mahi milk. Please give the best. Durga moves back. Jogi says please. Saraswati also moves back. Jogi says, Laxmi. All cows move back. Jogi says give me milk please. I will shatter. Please keep my respect in front of Mahi. I will get you handsome bulls. It’s okay if my heart got broken. I am sorry, joking. Please give me milk. My heart is broken. Please.

Jogi milks the cows. The song Judaai plays. Rupa and Biji come there. He says I will deliver it. It’s our work and it’s about our name.

Scene 2
Pappu is going out. Mahi says where are you going phapru jeju. I mean Pappu jeju. I don’t need to control myself. These are small people’s thing like Pappu. I am Rai’s DIL now. You will have to do whatever I ask. Even become a rooster. Pappu screams.. He throttles her. Mahi says leave it. It’s his man. He says leave me. He says Mahi’s getting married? You said I will marry her? He says it’s just Roka. You will get married to her. He says my MILs play around. They change colors and that fat cow, Seema. She said she wants me to find her a guy and ruined everything. Enough of love, I will show them what an SIL can do.

Episode ends.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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